a first for me

Currently, I am reading “A Homemade Life” by Molly Wizenberg. It is a wonderful book to fall into. Filled with lovely writings and heavenly sounding recipes. It inspires me want to cook and bake and renew my spirit in the kitchen.

Lately, I have been reading hundreds of blogs on cooking and baking. I get three magazines monthly, in the mail about cooking. I pour over my own cook books and stacks of em from the library.

With the exception of yesterday, I have had the oven going every single day this month.

I have lists of things I am going to be baking and cooking next.

Is it any wonder, for the first time in my entire life, I could not sleep, got up and stole three cookies to eat at one in the morning? I have never had a bit of food of any kind in the middle of the night, not ever. So do I re-brush my teeth?
Do I jump foolishly back into our warm bed and fall asleep with a bit of sugar and a smile on my lips? This is new territory for me. It is delightful.

Some girls have visions of sugar plums dancing in the heads, I had my favorite Christmas cookie. My sinful twist on the Jewish Ruglach, is to dip them in a thin sugar glaze right after they are done baking and let them cool & harden.

When you take a bite into the soft dough, your teeth break through the ever so slight film of sugar glaze. Once you pass by the sweet tender dough, the cinnamon and ground walnuts play a little jig for you on your tongue.

Oh my, who knew it would be the simple cookie that would have me tumble from grace?

What a delicious and lovely way to go.

Say grace and dig in!