I found it.

Today, while walking through our neighborhood, I found it. Right smack dab across the street from our home. Our neighbor guy is friendly, has a great laugh, wears a hat and has a beard. There he was, sitting down & working with a huge smile on his face. I think perhaps the dog and I stumbled upon Santa’s workshop! No reindeer, however, they do have two, friendly black labs. His hat is usually a baseball hat, not a red velvet one with white trim and his beard is more pepper than salt. Yet there he was smiling and building and full of good cheer. He was putting together one of those little cars children can drive themselves, this one was HOT PINK, yikes.
This particular “Santa” had boys. Now, he has a little grand girlie. Apparently, a little grand girlie who will be driving in our neighborhood in a couple days! As we passed by, his voice sort of echoed in the garage when he shouted out with a wave, Merry Christmas!

After our walk, we came home. One of us took a nap, the other fired up the sewing machine and got to work. I had a little, tiny doll dress to make for an eleven inch doll. Once her new dress and headband were finished, I put her down in her new doll bed. I covered her up ever so gently with her brand new hand made doll quilt. It had some of the same colors as the freshly painted lime green bed with pink and orange stripes and swirls.

Eureka, maybe there is a secret sewing room, garage, “workshop” in every house we pass? That makes me smile. Santa has quite a few helpers.

Helpers don’t have to wear pointy shoes and green outfits and goofy hats. Some helpers wear jeans and a warm black sweater topped off with a jaunty foam green scarf.

Oh, and that doll dress? Yep, it has a jingle bell sewn in the seam. Might help keep Christmas in someones heart all year long.