Color my World

Yesterday Mr. Right (we will call him Grandpa for this post), blew up several balloons before going to work.

A certain Sweet Grand girlie came over to play during the day.  It was a fun day full of happiness.

Somehow she has a way of making you forget about the economy, worries, concerns, health issues and on and on.  She is full of pure joy and happiness and goodness.  She makes it easy to teach her colors.  We played with balloons.  She makes it easy to teach letters.  We played with magnets on the refrigerator.  She makes it easy to teach piano.  We played the piano.  It is easy to teach her songs.  We played music all day long and sang. She makes it easy to teach nutrition.  I fed her nutritious food of high quality.  She makes it easy to teach her good manners.  I treat her with good manners.

Somehow in the mixed up world of politics, educating a child has become about spending money and more money.  It has gotten so tangled up, that everyone has just forgotten how it really works.  I will gently remind every adult out there, unplug the television, put away the videos, stop worrying about filling out paperwork, stop fighting over public vs. private vs. home school and just be in their world and teach.

Read to them.  I mean read a lot.  Book after book after book and then read some more.  Talk to them in different languages.  Take them on a walk outdoors.  Play and learn all day long, so that at the end of the day they can calm down, take a warm bubbly bath, get read to again, say their prayers and drift off to dreamland.  Then tomorrow, you can do it all over again.

It is worth the effort.  Everyone is in this together.  We all have to help raise up the children.  We have been called.    It is pretty simple and straightforward.  You get to laugh and be loved all day long.  All you have to do is be there and offer what you have.  The little darlings will take it from there.

Our Sweet Grand Girlie colors our world with goodness and grace.

Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am?