collections of happiness

We had a dinner guest once who was looking at my rolling pins.  She said, “I want to collect something.  Well, I just want to buy it all together already, but I like the look of a collection.”

I gently explained that it is the “hunt” to fill the collection that makes it good.  Coming across one, buying one, receiving one as a gift, learning about each…… you get the idea.  She did not get “it”.

Five is the number of collections I have.  Some I have collected in one form or another since I was twelve.  That would be my charm bracelet.  The other collections have been 10 and 20 years in the making.  I collect rolling pins, charms for my bracelet, Polish pottery and Wedgwood China (the Jasper ware in particular) and I have already written about my white (and now lime green and purple) animal shaped creamers.

The rolling pins are something that just sort of happened.  I started buying one from different countries I visited.  Yep, I have one from Poland, Holland (now the Netherlands), France, Germany, the Republic of Czechoslovakia  and on and on.  I have been given one from Oklahoma, Montreal, & Washington.  I have received them as exchange gifts and even found one at a flea market in France and I wanted it so badly that I figured out how much money they wanted and bought the dang thing, then and there.  I use almost all of them.  I make ravioli with one, I make Mr. Right’s yearly Scottish Shortbread with two of them.  I have Marble ones, glass, porcelain and of course wooden.  I used the one from Mr. Right’s bachelor days for about 25 years.  I just plumb wore it out.  I use a standard heavy-duty wooden rolling-pin daily.  I make all my dog biscuits, pie crusts, cookie dough, pizza dough, cinnamon rolls and on and on the list goes.  They hang from wall mounted wine racks in our dining room.

A charm bracelet was started for me when I was twelve.  I collected and earned and received many, many charms.  My bracelet was full to over flowing.  While living in Oklahoma a secret pal from my Women’s Bible study group, began another for me.  It is a pleasure to wear and talk about and look at.  I love the sound it makes.  It brings me comfort.  I try to only wear it to place where I won’t be clapping or gesturing with my hands while I chatter away and heaven forbid, I have learned to remove it while brushing my teeth.  Oh my goodness, gracious.  Can you imagine the noise?    I put charms on my “wish list”.  This year, my wishes include charms with the names of a new grand girlie and a new daughter in law.  That makes me very happy.  I have a pineapple from Hawaii, a rolling-pin (of course), a cable car from San Francisco, a piano ( I received that after my first 300 hours of practice), I have a red M from the M & M factory, I have a cowboy boot to remember Country Western Dance lessons.  (side note, a few of us church ladies sort of talked our husbands into it.  We told them so and so was doing it and even so and so…… you get the idea.  They all showed up and we had a blast for 8 weeks.  Gotta love the way church ladies think!)

The Polish pottery is another weakness of mine.  It started while taking a trip to, yep, you guessed it, Poland.  I came home with a suitcase, bags and boxes of treasures.  I have a whimsical Cheese lady, girl and boy candle holders, dishes & serving bowls big and small.  I have received gifts and more gifts.  I have spoon rests, casseroles, utensil holders.  The collection grows every single year.  Sometimes by leaps and bounds, other times slow and unique.  There are many different “family” patterns that are included.  Several of those patterns have caught my fancy.  Stars and more stars grace some of the pieces.  Prior to 9/11 the stars were six pointed.  Then the companies realized that American military wives would purchase more things with the 5 pointed star on them.  Thus the change in the design.   I use my pottery daily.  I cook and serve in it.  I display it out in the open to enjoy.  (and people wonder what I do with my time, since I don’t watch much television……………….I am washing pottery for heaven’s sake!)

I will save you from listening me from going on and on about my Wedgwood china collection, that is a story for another day.

I would really enjoy hearing what you collect.  Leave me a comment and please share.  It will be like a little show and tell on-line in blog land.  A fellow blogger that I follow collects heart-shaped rocks.  I know someone who collects pigs.  I know a lady who collects frogs.  My brother-in-law collects antique milk bottles.  He displays them with little white packing beans inside to make it look like milk, makes me laugh and smile.  Hearing about and seeing other people’s collections gives great insight into who they are and what makes them happy.  It is a way to share a little of yourself with others.  If you ever have an empty afternoon, I will gladly talk pottery with anyone who will listen!  Careful, I think I could go on and on and on.

Taking care of, using and displaying my collections brings me happiness and reminds me of so many good memories.  It brings me a quiet joy and I can carry with me where ever I go.

I hope to pass on some or part of my collections.  I hope that one day a silly white penguin creamer will grace the table of one of my children.  Maybe a little Polish pottery tea set will find its way to some lovely and delightful tea parties of two grand girlies?

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.  May your collections surround you with the grace of goodness. Looking forward to hearing about what you love to collect.

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  1. Patti Shelley

    My husband and I collected Frango Bears for eleven years straight…you know, the ones you saw at Macy’s each Christmas. We would be walking through the mall at some point in December every year and the current-year bear would catch our eye and we would just have to stop and get one. One year my mom surprised us with one before we even knew they were available! A couple Christmases ago we went looking at a local Macy’s and the bears were not to be found…our collection was complete!

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