Looking for a name

She came to live with us tonight, January 15, 2012.  I am typing while Mr. Right puts all her parts in the right places.

By the looks of the gal on the box, I am going to “need” to buy a wild, hot pink exercise bra and skimpy little exercise tap pants.  Apparently, by the looks of her toned and tanned legs, her knee replacement surgery went well.  It appears that she had a plastic surgeon clean up and hide the scars.  Nice.  Something to strive for.

In all honesty, I am thrilled to have one.  A magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike.  My plan is to work on it for 10 minutes a day and work my way up.  Come late spring, my goal is to be riding my own red bike outdoors for fun and happiness.

So for tonight, I am searching through lists and lists of baby names.  I am looking for the perfect name for the new “gal” in my life.  Every one and thing important needs a name.

She will be Christened tomorrow, with sparkling water.  I think I will wear magenta yoga pants and a kicky cute t-shirt.  The exercise bra and skimpy tap pants have been “so” done.   🙂

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