create a new story

While biking on Marcy (yep, I named her) this morning, I was listening to a pod cast.  A comment caught my attention.  The radio hosts said, in her colorful language, “oh for pete’s sake, create a new story”.  That was it.  period.

My mind was whirling with possibilities.  Sort of helped me figure out lots of questions.

Elizabeth Smart was in the news today.  She became engaged and wants the family part of her life kept private.  No more will be said.  She is creating a “new story”.

When some one says, oh my mother and grandmother had big hips and then that person makes and drinks a glass of fresh juice, one step at a time, that person is creating a “new story”.

I have a young adult friend who has said for years, “I don’t eat anything green.”  Makes me sad for that person.  I want to share really great foods that I have tried and cooked that are green yes, however, flavorful and luscious and dreamy.  I feel sad for her because she is missing out & has chosen to have a closed mind.

About a year ago, I wanted to get more vitamins into my diet by way of eating foods not taking more vitamins in pill form.  I do not care for, not one little bit the taste of cauliflower.  So the beginning of each month I steam one cauliflower, puree it and store it in little freezer bags frozen flat.  Over the course of the month, I take out a package and “hide” it in sauces and dishes that are baked & in soups.  By the end of the month the packets are gone and it is time to start over.  I created a new story by saying, why yes, I eat cauliflower!

I have met lots folks who say they “don’t do the art thing”.  If they would just be open enough to change their story just a bit their world would open up to so much beauty & goodness.

I have a relative who is a vegetarian.  She will not eat anything at all that has touched the same grill or cook surface as meat.  Boy oh boy is she missing out.  Her “schtick” is being a very picky, fussy, ruled filled, angry person.  Instead of changing her story…………..I am a vegetarian, I can enjoy that grilled onion with all it’s flavor, she chooses to be close minded.

Sure, if you have had trama in your childhood, it is going to take a time and some couseling to be comfortable enough to, change your story.  To see the positive and uplifting parts life has to offer.

Sure it may take some time.  What worthwhile thing doesn’t take a bit of time?

I would love to take more photographs.  I would love to be proud of those and learn more about taking great pictures.  Maybe practice a bit more.  I like to label some of my pictures.  Maybe just maybe instead of saying, “nah, I don’t take very good pictures”  ……I change my story.   I LOVE to take pictures.  I LOVE to crop pictures and choose the best ones to share.

and just like that, I changed my story.

“Life is change, growth is optional.  Choose wisely.”