Keeping the house in bloom

I am one lucky girl.  Mr. Right has kept me in flowers for close to 30 years.  Today, I am enjoying a gorgeous pitcher full of tulips bursting with color and happiness.  Surprise, surprise, I am not only a wife, a mom, a mother in law, a sister, an aunt, a Godmother, sister in law, small business owner & Grandmother……………I actually went to school many moons ago, I am a florist.  🙂  Yes indeed, I made my wedding bouquet and I was honored to make the bouquet that our daughter in law carried.

I have been lucky to enjoy over the top humongous pink arm bouquet on my 40th birthday at a lovely hotel, to the most simplicity of little bunches of violets or a snappy bunch of tulips.  One time on our anniversary, I came home to 250 Daffodils in every imaginable container!  It was wild and happy and funny all rolled into one.  (come to find out, son number one is very allergic to that many Daffodils) oops.  I have had flowers so tall that they hit the dining room light fixture. 

I was sad to hear that Nancy Clarke, first female florists of the White House passed away.   She started as a volunteer and then moved into a paid position.  She started during the Carter administration and continued to work with six United States Presidents, their wives and families.  Up and to include the current administration.  Her book, “My First Ladies” is wonderful.  Yes, there are glorious pictures.  Her commentary is lovely, smart and intelligent.  It is like a biography written about, behind the scenes at the White House.  How many rooms, how many tables, how many bouquets that are needed daily.  It is a fest for your imagination.  She details riot upon riot of sumptuous color combinations.  She shares the inside story of her remarkable life at the White House, a place she fondly called her second home.  She tells of  famous visits and flowers that were planned from The Queen of England as well as picnics and private small lunches.

While reading the book, you find yourself smiling for no reason.  It is a delight to read her musings and thoughts on such a unique and remarkable part of our country.  Mrs. Barbara Bush said of Nancy, “Nancy had a way of making everything beautiful all year-long.”

It is a beautiful book to read.  It will make your heart bloom.

Simply lovely.

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  1. Jan

    This brought back memories for me. I remember driving up to your classes with you a few times:) And I was so thankful you saved my wedding flowers! 🙂 Good heavens I’m glad those huge princess Diana type bouquets are out of fashion.

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