Power to the people!

While the boys were growing up, on the inside of one of our cupboards there was a bumper sticker.  It read, “Jesus is coming, Look Busy“.  It was a little bit of a joke. It was a little bit of a lesson.  It was to remind them that Jesus could come at any moment to BE ready.  Act kind ALL the time, treat others with respect ALL the time, made good choices ALL the time.  Don’t just pretend, don’t just say the words, actually BE READY.

Snowstorm 2012 came and yes indeed we were ready.  When grades were passed out, we would have gotten an A-.  Not bad.  Our emergency kit was ready and easy to find.  The basket of candles and flashlights the same.  We used candles both and two battery operated radios.  Yes, we had fresh batteries.  Our pantry was full and we had plenty of blankets to snuggle under and board games to play.  Silky long underwear was purchased in sets of two, yes both sets got work outs. We could have used a few more D cell batteries, however, we did pretty good.

Once the electricity goes out, you put to use all the supplies and readiness items to have squirreled away.  Yep, you are ready.  However, once you have had the power go off for a few hours, every single morning you wake up with electricity you have a little panic in your stomach.  You hurry and get moving.  You take a quick HOT shower, you heat up soup or bake something to have later, you do laundry and turn on the dish washer and you vacuum.  You hurry through everything in case, just in case…………..yep, the power goes off again.  Yesterday, was the fifth day in a row, we sprang out of bed and raced around to get things done to BE ready.

Our guest room was readied and food was prepared.  Sincere offers of respite went out to those who did not have electricity as we did.  Spotty as it was, our home was warm and we had fresh blueberry muffins and warm soup at the ready.

Friday night came, we drove out to get some fish and chips.  Warm food from a restaurant.  Nope.  In a strange twist, we had power they did not.  Saturday morning we hurried to the grocery store to get more “supplies”.   Cabin fever had set in, so getting out for a drive was good in and of itself.

It had to happen, begin  CLEAN UP after snowstorm 2012.  We worked outside picking up branches.  Mr. Right sawed branches.  We made neat piles, we had plans to creat some type of order.  We worked and moved and bent and shoveled and cleared until we had to stop.  We needed to get warmed up, dry clothes and take a break.

Sunday we awoke to the hurried feeling of BE READY.  The winds were picking up.  We needed things ready.  Oh look more branches were falling, just where we had cleaned up the last batch.  sigh.

So this morning, I am feeling a bit saucy.  Nope, I haven’t even taken a shower yet.  However, it is 8 something and most normal people do take showers earlier than this.  I do not have the washer going, nor the dish washer, nor have I vacuumed.  I am drinking a wonderful cup of Italian Roast hot coffee.

The sun is starting to show its glorious face.  There is no wind blowing.  Sure it still looks a mess out there.  Yes, we have plenty of clean up left.  Yep, we have huge branches, rather small logs to saw up and get rid of.   We are sore from all the clean up.  We are beat from the week of madness.  We are dog tired of talking about the weather!

We are easing into Monday.  There is a craft to be made and it uses the oven!  I promise to share.  It is so darn cute.  Maybe I have just been focusing on using the oven, nope, it IS cute.  You will want to make it too.  I will take pictures.

Yes, Jesus is coming.  I try to walk every day as though I will be asked to answer for my behavior.  I have never once in my life had to “look busy”.

This Monday morning, I choose to be grateful.  I am grateful & thankful for electricity.  I am grateful for a hot shower, hot coffee, grateful for heat.

Now, I am getting a little nervous.  I am going to hop in the shower and when I get out will vacuum & bake & turn on the washer.  I am not quite ready to put away the basket of candles and flashlights.

I have a gorgous bouquet of red and yellow tipped tulips blooming on my desk.  They are cheerful and full of hope & goodness.

That is the perfect way to start a Monday, full of hope & goodness.  I am ready to take on the day.