Many moons ago, one of my favorite animals was the octopus.  Silly, funny girl that I was.  To give away at a birthday party of mine, my mother made me a basket full of yellow and green ones.  When I became a bit older, during my Rainbow Girl days, I wanted to make the unheard of sum of $80.00 to donate to the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital as a service project.  In addition to car washes, spaghetti “feeds” (never cared for that word), the all time favorite Pancake breakfast &  my mother made, you guessed it, octopi.  This time, we found really over the top “COOL” rainbow-colored yarn. She taught me how to make them and to count out the yarn to the precise number.  We sold lots and lots of ’em for $1.00 a piece. Moving forward, time for High School Graduation. Puyallup High School, class of 1980 (go viks!) and this time purple and gold were the colors of choice.  I tied them on gifts and set them around my bedroom. These were extra special.  They wore little mini graduation caps upon their tiny little heads.

Today, as the electrician was here installing new thermostats (electric bill was a touch high the last two months, hoping to find a couple of solutions)………….I started thinking and crafting.   Nope, I did not count the strands of yarn, I just guessed.

If you were my grand girlie and you needed to learn to count to 8 wouldn’t you love to count the legs of an Octopus?  Along with flash cards and magnets and fingers and toes and oranges and pieces of popcorn and balloons……..who among us wouldn’t LOVE to learn to count to 8 by using a Sassy Pink Octopus?  Hello Pink and Purple, hello googlie eyes.  I think this learning to count thing is going to be a breeze!   Counting is fun.  Counting 8 legs is even more fun.

It is not the body’s posture, but the heart’s attitude that counts when we pray. Billy Graham

3 thoughts on “eight

  1. Jan

    Super cute and fun.

    Plus, bonus! I learned something new about you! I didn’t know about you “loving” octopi 🙂
    Once Jeff and I were talking about what tattoo we would get if we HAD to get a tattoo I said an octopus. Always been…what’s the word? entranced, intrigued? with them.

    1. Sorry, no tattoo for me. I drew them on the cement with chalk, I drew them with crayons on paper. I went to them first when we visited an Aquarium. I like the word “facinating” when describing them.

      I still doodle all shapes of Octopi when on the phone or sitting in a boring meeting.

      They make me happy.

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