BS & taste buds

Brussel Sprouts.  What did you think BS meant?   I think of them as vile and bitter.  I loath the smell of the small green cabbage shaped vegetable.  Yep, the Brussel Sprout.   Brussels, Belgium is my all time favorite international city to visit (I was privileged to see my very first Michelangelo statue), you’d think I would LOVE ‘em.  Not the case.  Sort of makes my toes curl, just to type about them.

My mother said taste buds change.  I did not believe it.  We told our boys to “try one bite” because taste buds change.  We didn’t believe it when we said it and the boys did not believe it either.

Come to find out, my mother wasn’t lying to me!  I am here today, 49.8 years old to tell you that TASTE BUDS DO change!  I am alive to tell the tale.  Yes siree, Bob. and yes, Bob would love ’em too.

A friend, who I have not asked if I can use her name yet, shared with me the TOP SECRET way to go with the BS.  Okay, I have got to stop using that acronym.  My life is changed, brighter, happier, no longer bitter…………………..

Cut off a huge chunk of the bottom of the sprout.  Cut in half.  Toss with olive oil and Kosher Salt and cracked pepper.  Put into a preheated 400* oven for 30 minutes.  done.  period.   That was the recipe, just in case you missed it.  That was it.  Two sentences ago.  GO BACK.  USE it.  Say Grace and dig in!

I gingerly added a bit of butter to mine.  I ate FOUR HALVES.  Not just one bite!  That is actually two full Brussel Sprouts!   VICTORY is MINE!  Okay, pretty darn good.  Crispy outside, nice mild inside.  Actually very good.  I need a new schtick!

Yes, Virginia taste buds do indeed change.   You know how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE before and after pictures?  Here you go.  I think I will have a guest blogger tomorrow.  Mr. Right will give you his take.  He was so surprised, happy and he wanted seconds .  He gave them two thumbs up and big ol smile.

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