things I “heart” today

Big fat cuffs on my rolled up jeans

fresh bouquet of jaunty yellow carnations near the bed

my dog sleeping in a sun patch

Ruby colored toe nail polish

Lots of Valentines layed out for glitter to dry in the sun

perfectly made bed

butter softening on the counter to bake cookies later

hot coffee in my favorite mug, a mug with the perfect lip

graham crackers with butter

brand new curtains hung in the sewing room

birds on the above mentioned curtains

the Army flag fluttering in the stiff breeze outside our window

sun shining on my bike

waking up on a Saturday and knowing you have plans for dinner

Valentines that come in the mail

freshly vacuumed home

a new library book waiting on the night stand

the urgency to start a quilt for another grandgirlie

walking with the dog every day

catching up with friends through an e-mail

a clean and tidy sewing room to start a new project


Sherwin Williams paint number 7335

peanuts out for the Stellar Jays to find

a bird bath with an icy crust on top of the water, this morning

gathering supplies for care packages

frost sparkling on the grass

wearing pearls almost every day of my life

anticipating my new fuschia pink jacket coming in the mail

using Polish pottery every day

planning a holiday trip

finding and buying super skinny pretzel sticks, close to my favorite

buying the supplies today to start a bridal shower gift

planning a Valentine dinner

the colors pink and tangerine

Carpe Diem