my husband is especially attractive to me when….

he is all sweaty while working hard outdoors

he is bundled up in a hoodie and coat and gloves and his nose is red from the cold, just in from walking the dog

he has on his big black rain boots with jeans tucked inside, out washing the car in the rain

he stomps his feet outside to get the muck and sand off as not to track it indoors

he creeps in the bedroom with a flash light before he leaves for work each day and kisses me over and over and over and tells me he loves me

he is wearing old Levi’s and a faded Hockey t-shirt

he is in the kitchen following a certain recipe and he is all thumbs & wants no help

he puts on that Army military uniform.  There is NOTHING like a man in uniform!

he picks up our Grand girlie and swings her around and dances with her and makes her laugh

he has on a crisp white shirt with french cuffs and a perfectly fitting D & G charcoal gray suit, tie and cuff links

he brings home a hand-held bouquet of goodness just for me

he leaves me notes on the mouse pad or the mirror or the kitchen cupboard

he buys lemonade from a road side stand, and pays extra

he “fights” with me about trying on new clothes or acts like an 8-year-old when he needs new dress shoes

he brings me a shirt that needs a button sewn on

he suggests a day or two in advance “let’s go out to dinner”

……………my husband is especially attractive to me when……

I catch a glimpse of him the moment I find him in the airport

I catch his eye at a boring dinner function

I see him praying in church

I hear him listening to one of our boys “problems”

I see him filled with energy and happiness after a great golf game

I see him trying to secretly alphabetized my spice cupboard

I hear his footsteps coming down the hallway in the hospital

I hear him singing loudly and with gusto in the shower

I see him polishing his shoes and then does some of mine too

I hear him whistling somewhere in a store, I know he is there with me

I catch the moment he is on the edge of his seat watching  a hockey goal being scored

I see him take off his glasses to figure out a math equation

I hear him on the phone helping someone with their concern

I am with him walking on the beach with our dog

I love to see him laugh and laugh like a school girl at a funny joke

Did I mention I love to see him wearing Levi’s, worth mentioning again…………………sorry, I can’t help it.

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

2 thoughts on “my husband is especially attractive to me when….

  1. Kathie

    So sorry… these dang fingers of mine 😦

    May your fairy tale always have a “Once Upon a Time” and a “Happily Everafter”.

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