That was so “punny”

Going on twenty years now, Mr. Right was out of the country for 10 months.  I happened upon a cute Christmas card that I bought and popped in the mail to him.  On the cover of the card, there was pictured a snowman with blocks of black cubes falling from the sky.  Inside the card, it read “Lead it Snow, Lead it Snow“.  Thus began our fascination and obsession with pun cards.  Not only for holidays, but we search them out for birthdays and anniversaries (yes, I already have my anniversary card safely tucked away for this year and it is a doozie), it is frightening how many we have found, bought, given……..even the kids have joined in and tried to give them to us.  It has turned so weird it is almost better than finding the perfect gift.  To find the elusive PUN card.  Some of us have even written inside the card “found one, ha”.  Such a sweet discovery.  When you are at the card shop looking for a card for a soldier or a happy housewarming card and you literally stumble upon the pun.   One I remember Mr. Right gave me……..outside of card a picture of a teeny tiny lawnmower……………inside of card…………”I Love you a little mower each year“.  Sweet.

Sure we save em sometimes.  Brings back a laugh when you re-read them a couple of years later.  Some I have decorated the inside of my closet walls with.  Those are the hand-made ones that are usually huge.

Yesterday, when I stumbled out to the kitchen in my fuzzy white bathrobe for a cup of goodness called coffee, I saw on the table, not one but FOUR homemade Valentines!  Were there a couple of pun cards?   You bet.    My Valentine card to him had to do with porcupines and stuck on you….. I included a package of super glue of course.

I guess that is how family traditions play out?  One card at a time.  The chase for the card or the idea to make one.  The thought that went into it …and sometimes for lucky girls those cards accompany sparkly things and candy and flowers.   ~~That which cometh from the heart will go to the heart.~j burroughs