letters, the alphabet kind

I was reading a blog this morning and while doing so, reminded me of the label maker I had when I was growing up.  I don’t quite remember which Christmas I asked for and got the fabulous Dynomite Label maker.  Dyno for short.  I think I sort of remember my mother going on and on about how expensive the replacement tape was.  I know I had Yale Blue for the longest time, probably came with that to begin with.  Then I got this wonderful orange tape with yellow swirls running through it.  Oh, geez, I LOVED that plastic label maker with the trigger handle.  I loved rotating by clicking the alphabet.  Oops, missed a letter, go back.  If you didn’t put enough pressure when you squeezed the trigger, the letter would be faint (not raised up fully) and your finished label would not look as “professional”.   Some of the labels would stick momentarily, then quick as a bunny fall off.  Then you could never reuse them, the carpet fibers would stick like mad to a just dropped label.  A few years ago, I was washing and drying dishes at my mother’s house.  A container that had once been used to take to a church function was up next.  There it was stuck on the bottom in the middle, a blue label with my maiden name printed out.  That baby wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.  It was stuck onto the bottom with the likes of cement glue.  When I snagged this photo from Google Images, the caption under the pictures said “1970’s Vintage”.  I think that means many, many moons ago.

I am sort of toying with the idea of buying a “fancy schmancy, professional” label maker.  I love the idea of labeling everything.  Yes, I know where I have put everything.  Yes, I know where I keep my baking powder, flour, extra chocolate chips, cotton balls, q-tips, thread, bobbins, lace, hanks of elastic, and on and on.  There is something about labeling everything that makes it seem more organized.

Before, during and after Sunday night (home-made Sushi) family dinner with Grand girlie number one, we were working on flash cards.  She is 18 months old.  She handed me one card that apparently didn’t “need” to be in the deck.  It was the direction card on how to do flashcards.  She looked at me like, who wouldn’t know how to use these things?  She has the perfect short little name.  So her mom (who happens to be one of the best mom’s I have ever seen with children) was working on a “magic” wipe away board learning to spell her name.  She was saying the letters to her mom who was writing them down for her.  Yep, she was catching on pretty darn fast.  We were amazed and proud and happy and did I mention amazed all rolled into one.

We have magnet letters that adhere to the refrigerator.  Each visit, Sweet Grand Girlie, moves them over to the dish washer front.  She apparently, likes them better on the front of the dish washer.

Grand girlie number two (lucky us) is arriving in 5 weeks.  I am cutting out the letters of her name.  I am embroidering her name on the Christening gown.  I am printing her name on things and have received a stamp I ordered with her name on it.  Her name has 8 wonderful letters in the first and 4 in the second name.  She gets lots of letters for the same price as a sweet shorter name.

I am looking forward to a bit warmer weather.  An amazing Grand girlie and I will be out on the side walk with chalk writing our names and printing letters in amazing pastel glory. Nope the letters won’t last after a quick spring rain.  Somehow, I just know the moment in time will be printed on my heart , forever.