thirty reasons to celebrate







We leave tomorrow for a weekend out-of-town.  Vancouver, BC. here we come.  It’s time to start the celebration.  Thirty years of being married.  Now, that is a pretty good reason to celebrate.   This time our car air vents won’t be filled with uncooked rice.  This time our car won’t have writing on the window that states, “Just Married”.  This time I won’t have two cans of hairspray holding my hair in place.

Love does not consist in gazing at each other; but in looking outward together in the same direction.

Hey you big stud, you want to go another 30?

Count me in!

3 thoughts on “thirty reasons to celebrate

  1. Kathie

    Bruce and Daleen,
    The joy you have shared with each other for the past 30 years is the most amazing example of love I have ever experienced. Enjoy your 30th get-a-way. Have a fast and furious time together.
    Love, Don and Kathie

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