Spring has sprung…….oops, never mind

While taking a shower this morning (in our newly finished made over bathroom), I was thinking of the gorgeous bouquet of daffodils that Mr. Right brought me.  I saw some breathtaking yellow blooms while in Vancouver.  I stumbled upon some jaunty paper whites.   Spring was bloomin’ in my mind and all around me.

I came out to give the dog breakfast and have some green juice.  I opened the curtains and MY OH MY, 3 inches of the white stuff and it is still coming down.  Old man winter is not giving up without a fight.   It sure is pretty out there.

Nice and cozy and warm in here.  Warm coffee and a dog enjoying her morning nap.  All is good.

Since today is Tuesday, I will of course share a recipe.  While in Vancouver over the weekend we came across a wonderful gem of a place called Urban Fare.  It was within walking distance from our hotel.  The top floor was a cafe extraordinaire.  All sorts of foods and salads and goodies to choose from.  We meandered through and made (what ended up being excellent choices).  You pay then just past the coffee/tea area you walk down about 6 stairs to the dining area.  The view is remarkable of the harbour (notice the Canadian spelling of the word harbour?).  After our meal we then went down another floor to the gourmet & specialty grocery store/deli/bakery.  Once we explored and discovered and made our purchases we headed back up to the coffee shop for a treat.  If you are ever in Vancouver, you will be most please with your choice of stopping in at the Urban Fare.  Well thought out and delightful combination of foods and shopping.

One of the salads we tried and fell head over heels in love with was the Edemame Red Pepper Salad.  My mouth just started watering a tiny bit when I typed that.  You know, I know one young brand new mother trying to shed a few pounds and a young man learning to eat gluten free……………..this burst of flavor and goodness will be right up their alley.

Let see:

Buy a couple of bags of frozen shelled edemame.  Cook per package directions.  Super quick and darn tootin easy.  Rinse and drain.  Let cool off a bit. 

One tiny cubed red pepper

Sesame Oil, salt and pepper

optional chopped chives and some chopped fresh cilantro (if you have it, if not, it is just as good)

Mix together the soy beans, red pepper, about 2 Tablespoons sesame oil, salt and fresh cracked pepper.  Chill.

Now, that my friends is a flavorful, super-duper, easy, peasy salad full of fiber and goodness.  The smooth of the edemame and the crunch of the little bites of red pepper are such a great combination.  Keep any left overs in the refrigerator.  Such a handy, dandy salad/side dish to have greeting you has you open up that refrigerator door “looking” for something to munch on.  yum.

Say grace and dig in!

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  1. pattilynne50

    Sounds yummy — I think it would be very festive looking at Christmastime….as always, thanks for sharing!

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