I have a friend who is a teacher…

Took my own advice, spent another day with another friend.  I am grateful.  period.  We have been friends for about 35 years.  If I wasn’t grateful for such a wonderful person in my life, oh my, what a sad person I would be.  I choose to be grateful.

Someone told me to be careful about writing blogs about my friends, they won’t want to meet for fear they will be “featured” in the next blog installment.  I can’t help it.  My mind gets flooded with good thoughts and I have to let it all out or I will burst.   Well, no I won’t literally burst, I will just eat way too much coconut and might eat an entire bowl of popcorn and race around the house doing chore after chore in an attempt to let off some steam.

With Mr. Right being gone, I am sort of floating from thing to thing.  I have trouble focusing and landing on one project to dive into.  In the “lucky” column of my life, I have great friends who help me by spending extra time with me when I am a bit of a basket case when the Mr. is out-of-town.  So, she humored me and went along for a craft shop field trip.  Oh, it was fun and my brain is still twirling with ideas and thoughts and to be honest, I want to go back today to buy a couple more tins for cookies and some ribbon and other things I saw and didn’t know what I would do with them.  That is until today’s shower…………tons of ideas came pouring out.

We actually spent about 4 hours in the car.  You know that is the best conversation time of all for anyone.  No interruptions, no phones, no kids, no pressures, no worries, no chores, no committee meetings, nothing to do but talk and listen.  I never actually know when something is going to gently nudge me to write.  Sometimes, even in the moment I don’t recognize it until later or the next day and I can’t let go of my thoughts.  It replays in my head over and over like a stuck record.

Through our conversation, for some reason it twisted and turned and I found out she had at one time, back in the day, wanted to go to school to be a teacher.  You know the drill, because of this reason or that, this time or that,  she was not able to go to school and get the almighty “piece of sheepskin” that proclaimed to the world, “I am a teacher”.

After we split up for the day, I went about planting my spring flowers and veggies that I purchased.  I brushed the dog and gave her dinner.  Then I made my dinner and on and on. I couldn’t shake the question” What is a teacher?”.

I came up with all sorts of answers.  I decided to list some to describe my friend.  She has taught me how to be a friend.  She has taught me how not to judge others.  I have seen her teach young Rainbow girls to become graceful and find self-confidence.  I have seen her guide young Daffodil Princesses into kind and considerate young ladies.  I personally know her two children.  They are remarkable people.  She taught them and raised them to be people of honor and goodness.  They are people you would enjoy having lunch with.  She has volunteered with the church, to the point of needing a cot in the back room for all she accomplishes there.  She has taught many less fortunate young people that they are worthy of self-confidence and by helping them find good quality and good fitting clothing they can focus on other important parts of life.  She has nieces and nephews who have had the privilege of her counsel.  She has knitting friends and sewing friends and on and on the list goes.  She has taught me things about sewing and has calmly and patiently re-taught me and explained it gently over and over again until I totally understand what I need to know to move forward.  She has set such a fine example of what a good wife is………..I have a living lesson right in front of me on a daily basis.

She has taught me the importance of showing up.  I ran into her at a funeral once.  We quietly sat together.  She taught me that you don’t have to talk a mile a minute, you just have to “be” and offer strength to another.  She has been there for me over and over when I have had some medical bumps in the road.  She has encouraged me with funny stuff and serious stuff.  She even drove me to a physical therapy appointment and didn’t make me feel silly for not being able to do what I normally can do.  She has taught me Grace.  She has taught me kindness.  She has taught me compassion.  Every single day, every single time I am near her or the recipient of her thoughtful behavior she is a teacher.  During our car trip yesterday she gently reminded me to take a quick peak at an Eagle’s nest we all watch, yes, the Eagle was there sitting proudly.   Somewhere along the way, I forgot to ask to see her credentials, her “piece of paper” stating that she was teacher.

I am living proof that Yes, Virginia my friend is indeed a teacher and a GREAT one at that. I am indeed lucky to have a teacher in my life that I just happen to call friend.

“Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends.  For it is one of God’s best gifts.  It involves many things, but above all, the power of going out of one’s self, and appreciating whatever is noble and loving in another.”  t.hughes