Choose happy.

When our boys were little, sometimes they would become restless.  I know, crazy talk?  Nope it is true, they would have a bit of pent-up energy and it had to go somewhere.  Once in a while, out of the blue, I would had them each a sleeve of Ritz crackers.  Go to it!  Oh sure they ripped open the packages and ate a couple then ran like little boys do, with lots of breath and huffing and puffing, pushing and shoving, for actually only a few yards, out to the patio and then they would line ’em up.  Or spread them out in a pattern or just toss with no rhyme or reason.  They would flop down and yank off their shoes and socks.  Then they would stomp and stomp and STOMP around in bare feet on the concrete smashing the Ritz Crackers.  Sometimes, mom and dad would join in.  For no particular reason, other than it felt delicious.  Simply for fun and happiness.  Afterward, your feet felt amazing and the birds love, love, loved that we left them a snack.   I guess you could say, it was my invention of a stress release for little energetic boys.

Today we woke up to 2 inches of snow.  Yes, indeed the same week that I planted a box full of spring plants.  Mother nature had much different plans than me.  I was bee-bopping around here this morning, fed the dog breakfast, ate my own breakfast and drank some green juice.  Then poured a cup of joe, java, mud…how ever you refer to it….so good this morning.  I road my bike four miles while watching Sweet Liberty frolic and roll and jump and prance in the snow.  She loves it and doesn’t care who knows.  She is just thrilled to play in the snow.   I jumped off the bike (well, no, not really, I gracefully like an angel slid off the bike seat with my flowing hair and lovely rosy cheeks … that as, no make up on and my hair curly was wild and looking more like Rosanna Rosanna Dana than flowing)  I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple of happy pictures of our dog.  She was a perfect example of pure joy and grabbing the moment by the tail and squeezing out every single ounce of goodness she could.

Her outdoor water bowl was empty.  I went back in put the camera down and in my bare feet went to retrieve the bowl to filler ‘er up.  My feet felt shocked and cold and, and HAPPY!  They tingled and felt alive.  I stomped around on the deck and Libby watched me then soon joined me.  I wonder if her paws feel this happy every time she is prancing around on the deck in the snow?  As I type now, I can still feel the little buzz of freshness and shock on my tootsies.  Feels like happy, dancing feet and I want the feeling to last all day long.

I am choosing to carry that feeling throughout the day.  “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”  a. dumbledore

3 thoughts on “Choose happy.

  1. Ann Stray

    That was just the most wonderful pick me up story. I love how you choose to be Happy and make it happen! Always an inspiration my friend! Thank you!

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