exercise and Vitamin D

Before I begin today’s ramblings, let me just say I was VERY careful and went slowly while moving Marcy.

Yep,  you all remember Marcy don’t you?  She is my exercise bike.  So far this month, we have gone 58 miles.  woohoo.  Albeit, all of those miles indoors.  Today, the sun burst through those Washington clouds.  I (again, carefully) moved Marcy out on the deck.  There we were right in the middle of the sun dappled wooden deck.  Those glorious rays were warming my bones as I rode along.  Next week we increase the pressure a bit, still aiming for 4 miles a day just giving it a bit more oomph.  I can’t tell you how great it felt to hear the birds singing and smell the outdoors.  I noticed the teeny beginnings of buds on our blueberry bushes.  Sweet Liberty was laying in the green grass just surveying her territory.  She was looking mighty proud and “Lion King” like.

I am going to buy some more spring-flowering plants to put in around the deck.  Something to watch bloom and grow, pretty much like me. 

Before you know it, I won’t have time to sit indoors and type on my blog.  I will be out riding my real, gorgeous, red bike with the basket full of jaunty yellow flowers.  I will be the girl smiling and peddling and balancing and sitting with great posture.  I will be the annoying girl ring her bell all the time, just because she is happy to be back out there bike riding again.