sugar and spice

Since last I wrote, I have become a new woman!  Yep, now I am a Grandma to TWO Grandgirlies.  I joked a little by saying “it was my prize” for raising two boys.  I pretty much stand by that.  The girls are just sweet and adorable and lovely and charming.  To say we are grateful is a bit of an understatement.  Our newest little charmer was born on March 25th.  We have been in motion since.

Girls “need” new clothes and new books and new bumble bee wings and of course “the traditional” I am a big sister now and these are my butterfly wings!  Pure joy and goodness and happiness.

Quiet is one of those things that happens in your life when you live in an empty nest.  You don’t actually realize the moment that it happens.  The phone ringing slows down, the slamming of the screen door, the yelling “mom, where are you?”, the sighing and sneezing, the constant bounce of a basketball hitting the cement out doors, the sound of rolling skateboard wheels on the black top, and the background of the hum of music…………oh the music…………non stop while younger people live with you.  When it is just you , Mr. Right & the dog and your work and books and creating ….just a bit more quiet.  Sure I could go “shoot some hoops”, however, I would be making the bouncing sound.  I would not be in the kitchen cooking or baking with the constant, bounce, bounce, bounce in the background.

The exact moment I realized it was back…………………….. Mr. Right (papa) and I were helping gather lots of items to pack to leave the hospital room and help them get to the car to go home…………………….Sweet Adelaide started to fuss, then cry, then yell, she needed attention and she was going to be heard.  Then all of a sudden Miss Zoe needed a bit of attention and soothing as well.  She was crying.  So Mom helped the new little babe, Dad helped the big girl.    I caught the attention of Mr. Right.  There was a twinkle in both of our eyes.

It dawned on me at that exact moment in time……………………such sweet, sweet girls, all full of joy and laughter and smiles, wearing lots of pink and lavender, all sugary sweet.  Then the sound of a bit of spice.  It started quite innocently, then it began to build. …… and shall we say BLOOM.

All of a sudden in a twinkle of an eye, once again, our lives just got a bit more loud and full and oh this time around, so wonderfully hot and jazzy and …………………………..spicy!

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  1. Jan

    Oh good lord! Sweet blog today, brough tears to my eyes. (And you know it did for real…. what’s it like having a cry baby friend?)

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