Today, I am working on the word compassion.  Not just helping when some one needs a friend because of illness or a death in the family.  Compassion for others and the young people in our life. Using the word compassion to help them plan a better future for themselves.  Sure we all can step in and help with immediate needs.  Things that seem urgent and people are in need right then.
Many of us have “helped” our kids with school expenses & student loans and get-started expenses and get them out of a pickle expenses…, us included.
One of the things you hear over and over AND over with folks who follow the financial advice of Dave Ramsey……………”I wish someone would have taught us this when we were just starting out”.
 Many of us have not paid for a financial class for our children to learn from.  We have not given them a book on money common sense.  Even if you are not interested in paying for a class, at least suggest this book, The Total Money Makeover, a proven plan for financial fitness by Dave Ramsey.  Somehow in this day and age, we just guess they will figure it out or not.   Big sums of money from a career, or small chunks of change from a part-time job……..either way, we all need and crave really, the knowledge how to handle and use our money to our benefit and hopefully have some left over to benefit others in the process.
Okay, let’s be honest, Dave would be thrilled if our kids checked it out of the library and read it and not pay a dime for that privilege.  However, if you are looking for an Easter gift to tuck into those baskets, please consider this book.  Hey, they even have a book for children starting around the age of 8-10. Can’t get ’em to read?   Maybe gently suggest joining the over 3+ million people who listen to Dave on the radio each week?
 If they don’t like Dave’s suggestions or advice at least they will have been exposed to the common sense approach and then they can go and find someone more to their liking.
 You will have stood up and showed compassion in sharing some valuable knowledge that will most certainly help them plan their lives ahead. In the genre of compassion…………….. we as parents, god parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, will not always be here to offer up advice.  If we pass this information along to the younger generation you and I will be “saving” them from some money heartache and drama in the years to come. It is tough to watch our kids make money mistakes now.  Just imagine how heartbreaking it will be thirty years down the road when they still haven’t learned some financial lessons?
  By sharing some compassion, we will Grace our children with their very own financial safety and that my friend is compassion for another human in the truest sense.

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