touched a nerve

Today, I am not interested in politics.  For some reason the idea lately just rubs me the wrong way.  Yes, I worked the telephones for John Anderson ( a few years ago, say maybe 30+). For a while, I was curious and very interested in the process.  I have so much I want to say for most of their behavior towards one another.  I do not want to see professional politicians that serve for years and years.  I want folks to take a turn, do their service and go back to their home states.  No long-term perks and benefits.  I have a million and one ideas in that arena.

I have not found a candidate that I want to endorse for the November presidential election.  I guess you are supposed to choose the person who bugs you the least?

Anyway, a reporter touched a nerve with me……………………….”Mrs. Romney hasn’t worked a day in her life”.  Oh you know, the blood started boiling.  I was gripping my hands and biting my tongue.  Now, I am quite sure Mrs. Romney can speak for herself.  She doesn’t need my help.  Yes, I am well aware that they are fortunate to be financially well off.  Here is my beef,

since when is raising FIVE BOYS, (to become valuable and productive citizens), including all their friends and school mates, and then spouses and also now grandchildren and taking care of her husband,  never working a day in her life?????????????????????????????????????? 

I want that reporter at my home.  Please scrub my kitchen floor and while you are on your knees, clean out the bottom drawers of both my refrigerators and by the by, I have invited my boys and their spouses and grandchildren and their friends over for dinner.  Can you whip something up that is tasty and nutritious and set a beautiful table and then clean up after? I have a few things I would like to share with you.  Say a prayer and buckle up baby, it might get bumpy. ….but then again, this isn’t work.  It will be a breeze.


4 thoughts on “touched a nerve

  1. Thanks for the comment. I thought I was done with that topic. Guess I am still mad at her “nerve” and pure rudeness. Is she a reporter or “friend”? Why has she been to the White House 36 times?
    Rude people are so over the top frustrating. I need to learn to let it go and focus on my family.
    Thanks for being “in the choir”. D

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