If I knew you were coming, I’d a baked a cake……….baked a cake……….

We have a friend who is under thirty and just setting up housekeeping.  She is way smarter than I ever was at her age.  She is asking for tips and tricks and recipes to help create an inviting home in which to honor her new budding family.  Her open mind is thirsty for tricks and ideas and do it yourself projects.  She has the privilege of staying home right now while she searches for the perfect job fit for her.  So needless to say, she is interested in building a nice home life, utilizing her time wisely and she doesn’t want to “clean house” everyday nor does she want to sit and do nothing.  I have written several paragraphs to her in how I manage my time and volunteer time vs. work time, a tip here or there and a recipe or two.

Here is the twist in today’s blog. ….. I am asking for YOUR HELP!  Please send me a comment or a private e-mail whatever you feel more comfortable in doing.  I want to reach out to this young gal.  I want to share not only my (great and wonderful) tips but other people as well.  Okay, one of my favorite tips, I save all my cheese rinds in a freezer zip lock bag in the freezer.  When I am making a pot of soup, I toss one in and use up all that heavenly flavor that has been trapped in those little pockets of cheesy goodness.   Tip two, I put a brand new (every 6 months or so) sponge wet and slightly damp, in my vegetable bins.  Keeps my produce fresher longer.    Tip three is my blog today, outdoor space.  Please bring on your tips or recipes or ideas for a young one just setting up housekeeping.  Let’s admit it, it is a lost art and I bet we have tons of wonderful ideas that will help her on her begin her new journey.

My tip for the day, clean up a little outdoor space for you and your Mr. Right to have a cup of coffee or lemonade in the early morning or evening.  Maybe it will be big enough to have game night with some friends.  It doesn’t have to be very expensive or a great big pool, just a place that you have taken the time to carve out just for some relaxing time in the out doors.

Over the weekend we purchased two new lounge chairs.  Last night, in the dark, around 9:45 pm we sat in them.  They are comfortable, oh my.  It was indeed a bit cold to sit outside in Washington state in the middle of April, but we wanted to try them out.  We had remarkably sunny weather all weekend.  I guess we were some how wishing and thinking that today, would be the same.  Raining pretty hard actually.  We looked and looked last year and didn’t find what we wanted.  We decided we would purchase some this year, now.  Then when we find the ones we want, that will be great and we can purchase those.  For now, these are good and comfortable and will work.   We want to have the outdoor area set up and in working order.

I have been known to be a bit frugal.  Yes, I have repainted our outdoor furniture a couple of times.  Yes, I have recovered our old outdoor cushions, I think four times now.  The foam/filling inside them are shall we say flat and limp?  It was time.  We purchased new.  The new color is vibrant and happy and uplifting.  Actually, I saw on another blog a gal had used the back cushions as bed pillows.  So great.  Anyway, we are working on preparing our outdoor space for friends and family.  I don’t like being caught off guard.  I like having some things prepared and ready to go.   Taking the time to prepare the space and items needed for outdoors makes it more inviting and friendly and welcoming.  One year I had an outdoor carpet under the table, think I will look for another one for this year.  It made it nice on the toes and brought the space together.

Having some recipes already listed in the quiet of early spring, having some nice drink options and glasses or ways to serve them, finding some great spring/ summer napkins now, will make entertaining a bit more manageable and fun and happy.   Scrubbing off outdoor furniture, cleaning up the BBQ, buying some new outdoor candles really will go a long way in the host/hostess department.  When I have things all in order and ready to go, we more freely invite folks over for game night or dessert in the gazebo or even a bbq dinner with all the fixin’s.  Taking the time to prepare and be ready sure takes out all the last-minute frustrations.  So by looking for fabric now to make a couple throw pillows, picking up great colored plastic glasses or little drink umbrellas, finding a soft and plush matching throw on sale now, will go a long way in making the outdoor space warm and welcoming.  Our circle of friends is supposed to grow bigger and bigger and it gets easier and easier to entertain in a relaxing way outdoors.  It is supposed to be fun and happy and not at all stuffy.

You will be so happy that you made the effort to create a little space for a pot or two of flowers and a place to sit and just be.  It will bring goodness to those who gather round and share what the day held.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.  Heb. 13:2

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  1. Since Ed and I have celebrated our 33rd Anniversary, I have just one comment to pass along. No matter what you are doing, check the clock to see when Mr. Right is coming home, brush your hair, put some lipstick on, check your clothes to see if there are any stains, (change if necessary) and then when he comes in the door, make sure he receives a great welcome after a hard day at work. I tell that to every young girl I meet, and remind them that no matter what, he was there first and he needs love and attention too.

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