Prom season and Sushi

For the past three or four years we have gotten into a pattern of sorts.  If Mr. Right and I are not on some wild adventure, or traveling some place new and exciting, Saturdays are our errand days.  You know, get groceries, pick up oatmeal from the bulk section of a local store, buy more beef bones for the dog, wash the car, do yard work, you get the picture.  Then if we don’t have a fascinating dinner engagement, we head out for Sushi.  Yep, we love it and have a couple of favorite places we end up.  I am sort of fibbing here, even if we are traveling some place new and exotic, we find a Sushi place to try.

Last Saturday evening we went out for Sushi.  As we walked into a little place near our home, we noticed a young couple.  He in a black tuxedo with new sneakers, her in a gorgeous dark, dark gray, satin evening gown with a divine sparkley (yes that is a word) brooch.  Her hair was pull to the side in a lovely “do”.  It reminded me of Sissy on “The Family Affair” television show that was on about a million years ago……………anyhoo……

The wait staff all fussed and pampered them and came over and engaged them in conversation.  Yep, they were going to Prom.  They were from a local high school and the prom was being held at the Tacoma Art Museum.  They seemed to be comfortable with each other, chatting and laughing and enjoying their Sushi.  They seemed uncomfortable in their “fancy schmancy” clothes, tugging and adjusting and pulling and fussing……

Here’s the part I wanted to share:  when they got up to leave the whole restaurant began to clap and it got louder and louder.  The waitresses and hostess were lined up to wish them well.  The two Sushi chefs came out from their work stations and were standing along side of the other workers.  They all bowed as the couple walked by.  People in the restaurant offered comments out loud, “you look gorgeous”, “have fun”, “enjoy”, “drive safe”, “be careful driving”, “dance until your feet hurt”…….the owner of the restaurant thanked them very much for celebrating at their restaurant.  Both the boy and the girl were blushing and smiling.  Big, huge, happy smiles.  They held hands as they walked through the restaurant and out the door.  Things quieted down, really quiet after they left.  Through the windows you could see them walking towards his dad’s car.   Every one in the restaurant was hoping, HOPING, using esp and HOPING that he opened the door for her……………………

He was headed that way, they were walking slowly because of her new snazzy high heels and swirls of lovely long dress fabric…………..wait for it……………………(the restaurant held its collective breath),  the boy turns and kisses her………………….the restaurant patrons give a group sigh and happy chuckles………………………….he reaches for the door and opens it for her.  A man with a very deep voice, says out loud, “GOOD MAN”.  They drove off into the sunset, well at least from our point of view.  While remembering our own proms, we all wished for them a wonderful and memorable evening.

Yes, I am quite sure a lot of money, time, effort, people went into getting those “kids” to that point.  However, for a few lovely moments in time, it was a group of strangers in a restaurant, lifting them up and wishing them well, bathing them in GRACE.  It felt wonderful to be apart of something bigger than ourselves.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments”.