Cleanliness is next to…

While staying at a small hotel in France, years ago, I was intrigued by the soap in the bathroom.  It was a rough chunk, more triangle shape, of a freshly cut piece of soap in a little white soap dish and it together they sat atop a fluffy white towel just to the right of the sink.  Instead of a little soap wrapped up in paper from a company, this was a nugget of homemade goodness put out each day for their guests.  I remember so very creamy and a faint hint of orange scent….just simply lovely.

Fast forward a million and one years, American housewife trying desperately to find soap without Sodium Laurel Sulfate to use for hand soap.  I do love the bar soaps, however, once in a while the pump soap is a nice change.  Imagine my surprise when I found a wonderful liquid hand soap yesterday.  Pure, no chemicals, clean packaging and at Target of all places for about $4.00.

Bought two bottles (one to share) and took it home.  Close your eyes and think of the simple citrus scent of orange blossoms……………..oh my, as Lucy VanPelt would say “THAT’s IT!!”

So for $8.00 you can bathe your family and yourself in a bit of grace and indulge in pure goodness and share a bottle with a friend.

“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities.  Seize common ones, and make them great.”

6 thoughts on “Cleanliness is next to…

  1. Lori Bisping

    I am thinking stocking stuffers and basket filler. I will stock up the next time I go. Thank you for sharing.

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