no lazy days

Yesterday while shopping at Trader Joe’s,  I found a new “favorite”. Sort of like a treasure hunt, I FOUND something delightful.  Yes, even after trying it only once it can become a new “favorite”.  Simple and to the point.

 Take apple cut up.  Dip into the HEAVENLY, salty sweet caramel.  Say GRACE and dig in.  The end!  ps. lick your fingers.  🙂    Did you just fall in love with that recipe?  I did.  I love the idea of “shampoo, rinse, repeat”………………cut apple, dip in caramel, pop in mouth, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Yesterday, was a fun “lunch out with a girlfriend” kind of day.  My mind is still a bit fuzzy from my whirlwind mini vacation to California and my leg is swollen something awful, however, to take the day and goof off and eat lunch with a girlfriend sort of makes you forget all that silly stuff.

I believe the more you do the more you can get done.  I don’t do “lazy days”.  So even taking the day to relax and visit with a friend, the day sort of fills up with baking fresh cookies for her arrival, a quick vacuum throughout the homestead, brush the dog before she gets here, go to lunch, trip through 5 or 6 gift shops, stop for coffee, go to another store, hug goodbye, then drive to the grocery store with Mr. Right and pick up “a few” things.  Never in my life have I picked up just “a few things”.  ha, ha.  Come home, make dinner, clean up, …….

While meandering through one gift shop with such diverse offerings, I stumbled upon some sweet yellow (golden in my mind) thank you notes.  I treated myself to them.  So cheerful and happy and folded so lovely.  They will be perfect for my birthday thank you notes.    As the older sales gal was picking at the price tag and trying to scrap it off, she asked if these notes were a gift.  I said nope.  They are for me to say thank you for all my birthday gifts!  She paused and said, I guess we were all taught to send thank you notes, we just don’t do it anymore.  I said, I do.  She just smiled at me like, sure you are going to buy these and then go home and fill them out and find a stamp and mail them?  Yes, I am .  Today, I am writing my thank you notes.   I am going to sit in the sunshine, with a favorite pen in hand and write out each note.  Yep, I already have stamps, I am excited to use my new notes and I want to take my time and write heartfelt thanks for all the thoughtful and delightful items people gave me.   Why on earth would fancy, schmancy, over priced gift shops carry a variety of note cards if people didn’t purchase & use them?

Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal.  It’s a way to live.

Today, I am grateful for my friends and family remembering and marking my 50th birthday.  I in turn will spend part of my day, graciously telling those people how much I appreciate their kindness.  I like myself when I live a life of grace.

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  1. Kathie

    My heart is singing…cut-dip-pop. You have come across one of my most favorite “yummies”. Here is to your day of sunshine and blessings as you write-cut-dip-pop!!!

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