tickled by of all things, snakes

In Greek Mythology,  Medusa (Greek  Μέδουσα (Médousa), “guardian, protectress” was a Gorgon, a chthonic monster.  We all know that her hair was made up of snakes and she was beheaded.  Many, many great artist of years gone by have painted and sculpted and created what they thought to be a depiction of her likeness.  Her head was sculpted and painted on many shields to ward off enemies.

Fast forward hundreds of years……………………………………  hello, 1980’s and 1990’s!  Our boys were home schooled as well as attended public school.  They were introduced to, learned and totally fascinated by Greek mythology reading story after story.    As many of you know, I have thick, wild, mind of its’ own, curly, sometimes uncontrollable, wouldn’t trade it for the world, hair.  Little boys turn into teenagers with silly senses of humor.  Of course the name MedusaMom was invented to describe, me.  Yep, when getting out of bed in the morning, my hair is a bit “loud” and I may not have the sweetest personality early in the day.  Quite possibly similar traits to that of Medusa.

Fast forward to May 6, 2012.  MedusaMom turned 50.  Young son number two, turned into a Graphic Designer, an artist.  Time to open Birthday gifts.  Wait for it…………………wait………………wait…………………..the shocking pink gift bag with swirls of flowers and design was filled to overflowing with bright pink and pale pink tissue.  Nestled down in amongst all that fluff and goodness was a wrapped box (among other gifts).  I tore at the paper.  I was laughing and happy and giddy and so proud of the art work and just down right tickled.  I have a brand new, custom designed MedusaMom bike helmet!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In all its GLORIOUS swirls of pink (happy and not frightening) snakes, slither over lime green and yellow background.  My name was artfully added  & then the whole kit and caboodle was covered in girly girl glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glitter and artwork and clear coats and designs that took more than twenty hours to create and complete. 

This weekend, I get to ride my bike for the first time since way before my knee replacement.  I am so excited and thrilled and my stomach has butterflies fluttering around in happy circles. Mr. Right has to go with me for a few weeks.  I am still working on and regaining my balance.  (Hopefully, I won’t need to try out the helmet to test its sturdiness!)

On my return flight home, I carried my new helmet.  Oh, I could have sold 50 of them on the spot.  However, no one but me would have the custom design with my nick name in mind.  It’s all mine.  In all its glory and glitter and pinkness (yes, that is a word)………..just looking at it, makes me happy and excited to ride my bike again.

I love that my son and future daughter in law gave such a thoughtful, kind and inspiring gift.  I love that my son designed it just for me.

Oh my, have I mentioned today how lucky I am? Just how grateful I am?  I am one lucky, swirly, curly haired MedusaMom.  ps.  I feel sorry for Moms that have helmets that are plain and boring and that don’t have a silly nick name.  Or a matching bike bell.

2 thoughts on “tickled by of all things, snakes

  1. Kathie

    Only with your help my friend, can I even think of being near a snake, of any kind. Pink snakes are ok as long as they are on your head and NOT in my garden. Your are a very lucky MedusaMom!!!

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