Sweet Grace

I haven’t had a sugar filled or diet soda in more years than I remember.  Last night I did enjoy a full glass of organic, mango, lemonade.  Yep, full of real cane sugar.  It was a treat and I enjoyed every single icy cold sip.  Loved the crushed ice.  I loved the taste.  I loved how I could feel the coolness slipping down my throat.  Before I get tons of people to tell me how horrible that is for me, let me say, it was a treat.  Just that.  Once in a while maybe a couple of times a month, I like the tart/sweet of lemonade.  Homemade or store-bought, plain or mixed with other fruits or berries, I really, really love lemonade.  Yes, I know the sugar is horrid for me.  No, I do not have more than one glass.

Enter New York Mayor Bloomberg………………………..he had an idea, while I think it was originally intended to help the 53% of over weight folks in his fine state.  Diabetes has affected 1 out of 3 people in his neck of the woods, he as well as others are scrambling to try to help, fix, come up with any solutions that may work, I for one am not in favor of his plan.  The plan is simple, stop selling sugared sodas over 16 ounces in movie theaters, quickie marts, stores, ball parks etc.  The thought is people will drink less thus be more healthy.

If you listen to the Coke Cola company spokesperson, you will hear that sales of sugar filled sodas have gone down 12% over the last 10 years.  ummmmm, I think folks, sugar isn’t the only problem here.  Artificial sweeteners, factory produced foods, poor diet selections…………………we could go on and on.

If sugar is the problem, why on earth are you not targeting the toothpaste industry?  What?  Sounds crazy?  Okay, I will wait……(que the Jeopardy music)….oh hi you are back.  Yep, the ingredients in your toothpaste most likely contain sugar and fluoride (a whole other discussion for another rant on another blog posting).  Start painting your signs folks!!  No More Sugar in toothpaste!!!!  Pass the paint and throw me a brush.  Let’s start a movement!  Where are those band wagons?

We choose to use Jason toothpaste.  No fluoride, no sugar, no chemicals. Not judging here, just letting you know, what we choose.  Yep, we have tried Tom’s of Maine.  Sorry, Tom, tastes weird.  I wish I could say differently.  Here, here for no sugar, fluoride and no chemicals………….just ick.  Sorry.  You have a ton of choices, love that.  Just don’t care for it.

People, people, let’s try to be kind with each other.  Share a healthy food tip or two.  Be concerned for your neighbor and fellow-man.  It is tough to make those grocery dollars stretch for all of us.  Maybe we can share knowledge along side of kindness with each other?  Maybe we can share what we have learned and pass it on.  Maybe just maybe we can give ourselves as well as our neighbors a little Grace?

Shaking our finger at others is not very becoming.  It is pretty darn harsh.  It is already tough enough some days, we don’t need to add more guilt and frustration by allowing the government to tell us how much we should and should not drink.  We already know.  Just once in a while a nice cold glass of lemonade sweetened with a little sugar makes all the difference.

I am grateful that I am allowed to drink what I want and how much I want.  I love choices.

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