Today in the Pacific Northwest it is chilly and damp and feels like winter.  I might be eating those words come end of August while a heat wave melts us.  However, for today, I am a happy girl.  I have my Monday chores done and everything is ready for dinner.  I have the afternoon to sew and create.  I just made a fresh pot of coffee to warm my soul.

Saturday morning, while attending two kiddos soccer games, I stumbled upon hope.  Sometimes, in my regular life, I misplace hope.  Some young adults we have been around have “forgotten” their good manners, their grace, shall we say, they have misplaced their respect for older adults.  Saturday, as our young friends politely remembered to call me Miss Daleen and were gently and quietly reminded by their mother, “we don’t point, we don’t talk that way, we treat our friends nicely….” It gave me hope.  We were pleased, as always, when around this young family, how respectful the children are being raised.  Sure they are kids and romp, do cartwheels, skip, hop, run, laugh, talk out loud and make goofy comments…….those two children are being raised to be adults that others would enjoy being around.    Good manners go a long way in helping me like people.  When people, not just young children have good manners, you genuinely like being with them.  You don’t have to bite your tongue or secretly cringe.  You simply like them.

While outside with the dog this morning, I snapped a couple of pictures.  They give me a great deal of hope.  Yes siree, you can gather hope in your backyard.  Our Blueberry Bushes are covered in little tiny, young and still green blueberries. The bushes are guarded by a graceful mermaid wearing a sweet beaded necklace.   I can almost taste the Black Beauty Smoothies that lay ahead and most likely will drip on a white t-shirt I will just happen to be wearing.  The aroma of Blueberry muffins is dancing in my head.  Oh, the oatmeal Blueberry bars, now my mouth is watering just slightly.   There is indeed, hope.

Today, I am grateful for:

11. hope   12.  a washer & dryer    13.  great coffee beans to grind into wonderful coffee   14. good hearing  15.  the ability to walk up a flight of stairs to a soccer game  16.  a thoughtful husband   17.  sewing skills   18.  garlic   19. good manners   20. a clean house   21.  common sense

Politeness is the art of choosing among one’s real thoughts.  abel stevens

While observing people over the weekend, everyone does indeed have their own cross to bear.  We all need to be kind and gentle to one another.  Yes, we need to hold our standards high, and most certainly there is a great need to teach respect for others, just maybe we can learn from the young mom at the soccer game?  You can most certainly teach, albeit quietly and gently and with kindness of spirit.  We can all be more polite.  By not saying exactly what we are thinking all the time, we can give each other a tiny glimpse of hope.