Grace sneaks in and tickles your fancy

Sometimes while reading self-help/ educational books, I “see” someone I know in the book.  Hey, I know a person that could benefit from reading this or that!  I can’t go on.  I have to give it some time, then start over with a clear and fresh mind.  If I am to learn something I have to open my mind and read the lesson with fresh eyes.

While reading April Cornell’s blog thoughts yesterday, she spoke of getting rid of everything that you don’t love or like about your home.  Only fill it up with things you  and your family adore and love.  Things that make you happy, using all the colors and patterns that you love.  That way in the end, you won’t be following some decorator trend, you will love the end result because it will reflect you and the people you love.

However, every once in a while you read something and it sort of tickles your fancy.  Your heart skips a beat.  You have to immediately re-read it.  It sounds so familiar.  It tickles something deep inside you.  You make a connection.  Your heart BLOOMS.  You find something that is really YOU.  It makes you smile while you are reading.  You re-read and re-read.  Your feet do a little jig.  You can picture it…………in your mind, Audrey Hepburn’s sweet and sassy flats on her small feet, tapping and touching and moving with grace.  Your feet are happy, too.   The moment is graced with light, bright and happy light.

It just feels so “right”.  You realize in a split second, “hey, someone wrote this about ME”!   This is my story……………………………

“Once upon a time there was a silly little girl who lived her life in an imaginarium of pretend and make-believe.  Just a little girl with ants in her pants…not able to sit still.  Doing this.  Dabbling in that.  Dreaming of the other.  She grew up taking the road less traveled all the while giggling and twirling, and painting on the walls.”

For today I choose grateful.

42. grace  43.  hope  44.  goodness  45.  peace  46.  twirling  47.  giggling  48.  good manners  49.  the perfect lip on my coffee cup 50.  a great nail file

2 thoughts on “Grace sneaks in and tickles your fancy

  1. Jan

    I personally am not thankful for “twirling” LOL Even as a girl it made me sick. Even when I watch others twirl I get sick. I can’t go on a “merry go round” lol.

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