I miss that man of mine.

Somewhere in blog land, I recently read, “I don’t feel comfortable writing about ……..on the internet.  It doesn’t have the same weight.”  Today, I wrote most of my blog in bed.  With pen in hand, on a yellow legal pad of paper.  Messy with doodles and I was fiddling with the paper and fold the corners up into little accordions or fancy fans.  Some of the words are darker with extra ink.  Some are written with curly ques.  I have a couple stars and a couple of hearts dancing across the top of the paper.  At the bottom, in some grass, pops up some daisies in full bloom with jaunty little stems with leaves.  Confetti drips down on the words,  coming from somewhere above the blue lines.  I probably should just take a picture of the page and post that.  With all the arrows and the swoop of triangle celebration flags flying on the side margin, you some how get the “weight” of the topic instead of just black letters typed on a page.

Ah, the legal pad…………invented in 1888 by a guy with the last name of Holly.  He used scraps of paper left over from the mill where he worked and made them into pads.  Quit his job and started a business selling pads of paper.  A couple of years later, a judge asked him if he would draw the margin lines in so he could write notes about his notes on the paper.  No one knows why they are yellow.  Or at least the writer of the article in “Mental Floss”  (a great magazine by the way).  Maybe to make all the scraps of paper the same color, yellow was the cheapest dye…………still one of the great mysteries of life.  Well, maybe not great mysteries.

Here’s a question:  If you practice something over and over and over, shouldn’t you get better at it?  Mr. Right and I have been together about 32 years.  A good portion of those years he was in the US Army.  So, you can gather from that information that he was gone on business trips, a lot.  He was gone for 6 months a couple of months after our oldest son was born.  He has gone to schools for months at a time.  My better half has been gone for a week at a time, every month while stationed in Alaska.  He has been gone overnight, weeks, months……thank the good Lord, no war zone deployments.  When we moved back to the great state of Washington, he got us settled in,  then left for Texas for a couple of months.    Thank heavens now a days, supporting the military is “in fashion“.  Sometimes it was tough with him being gone, two boys at home.  If we lived on post, other military guys would offer to take them to an airshow or play catch in the ball field with them.

Fast forward 11 years.  No longer in the military, no little boys at home to fuss over, make popsicles for or to drop off at summer golf lessons…………….just a sweet Golden Retriever and me.  You would think with e-mail, texting, cell phones (with one reasonable monthly payment, NOT $250+ phone bills) it would be easier.  Nope.  It still Hoovers.  (We didn’t want the boys to use the word sucks while growing up, so one came up with the word Hoover, like a vacuum.)  From my point of view,  business trips are pretty much the same as going to a military school somewhere.   I still drop him at the airport.  I have to figure out a way to live my life day-to-day, by myself.  Some trips I over plan and go insane with redecorating and painting and rearranging.  Some times when he is out-of-town, I try new toe nail polish colors.  Today, I am trying OPI Mermaid Tears with a top coat of Revlon Whimsical…………not sure I am in love with it.

Everyone is involved (read that as the word I dread “busy’) with their own lives, as it should be.  So I will have my own little pity party on my blog page.  I will find productive things to do and see and accomplish while he is out-of-town.  Our life is just smoother when we are together.  We laugh more and engage in conversation more, plan more and have way more fun when we are together.    A few years back during a church service the pastor asked that we pray for “Suzy”.  She and her husband had been married over 50 years and had never spent a night apart.  He was going in for minor surgery and was going to have to stay the night in the hospital.  “Suzy” would be alone for the first time in her life.  Oh my goodness.  Come to find out her Bible study ladies came over and they lifted her up and kept her company the entire night.

I am not sure I want 14 Bible study ladies to come over and entertain me as I would feel obliged to cook for them every single time Mr. Right is out-of-town.  However,  having folks in my corner thinking of me and lifting us up in prayer is of value.

I am grateful for such a good husband.  I am lucky and yes, absents makes the heart grow fonder…………well at least it helps us forget the not so blog worthy moments that frustrate us.

Today, I am grateful for:

61. a really great catch  62.  a good cup of coffee 63.  a car to drive to a new to me quilt shop today  64.  raw honey  65.  the invention of nail polish  66. yellow legal pads  67.  a dog that likes me 68. technology to talk with Mr. Right while he is out-of-town 69.  my exercise bike  70.  the Safeway near our house that sells two in a package oatmeal cranberry cookies

One thought on “I miss that man of mine.

  1. jan

    This reminded me of how wrapped up in my own life and busy work I get. I have Self appointed jobs and scedules to keep. Busy busy doing nothing.
    I need to learn to take time and think of others and how they feel about what’s happening in their lives.
    I think I am going to have to start considering others more often.

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