30 paper snowflakes

Thirty years ago today, I ate popcorn.  How do I remember that?  Easy peasy!  a.  I eat popcorn almost everyday of my life  b.  son number one was born and I had eaten popcorn and an apple that night for dinner.  see?  easy peasy?

Hold on, wow, how did I become old enough to have a son who turns 30 today?  Yep, it’s my blog, so it’s about me!  haha

When he was a little boy, we would tell him all the flags flying were people celebrating him and his birthday.  It was sort of sad when he was around 9 and he figured out that it was Flag Day and the US Army’s birthday as well.  Secretly, I bet he still loves to see the flags flying just for “him”.

Somewhere between sending out the announcements that Dustin Jeffrey Andrew Wilson had arrived in this world and today………….he grew up into a really great guy.  Someone you would enjoy having lunch with or exploring a museum, factory or brewery with.  He has great conversational skills, is funny and well-educated, has great manners, plays well with others………. and can talk on a variety of subjects.  He can and will tell you about his pretty amazing wife and his two sweet, and adorable little girls.   He is an avid animal lover, motorcycle enthusiast, car lover, curry ketchup loving, kind of guy who loves to fish.  His daughters adore him, his dogs love him and somehow he became the biggest shoe (you know I want to say whore, but that would shock him if he reads this) LOVER of SHOES anyone has ever met.

Today we celebrate him and everything that he loves.  Well, and celebrate me, because I am his mom and I said so, and it is my blog!

Turned out pretty darn good for a guy who’s pre-school teacher said needed to work on his scissor skills. I hope he cuts 30 paper snowflakes today and celebrates just how good he is.

I know his Dad and I will be celebrating.  We done good.

Today, I am grateful for:  71. son number one  72.  US ARMY  73.  Flag Day  74.  fresh juice in the morning  75.  blunt end scissors  76.  little pieces of paper on the carpet that fall out when you cut out snowflakes  77.  snowflakes taped to the sliding glass door  78.  popcorn  79.  great shoes

One thought on “30 paper snowflakes

  1. Jan

    OMG! to funny:) “Needs to work on scissor skills”! I got the SAME talk from the boys preschool teacher (maybe they tell everyone that) I remembered looking at her and thinking “Like I’m going to give my 3 year old twin boys (who were always and remain boy boy’s… that means hellions) scissors to practice with! LMAO.

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