Not being a fan of bottled water myself, I am hardly an expert.  Sure I buy a bottle in this airport or that……….after the infamous security check points.    Could I really hurt someone with 16.9 fluid ounce plastic bottle of water?  What exactly could I do with it?  Can some Army Ranger please fill us in on some way to kill a villan with the little tiny plastic cap?  I guess you could pour it on some business man’s Dolce and Gabbana suit and he would be so red-faced mad that he would drop over with a heart attack?  I just don’t see the connection between a goofy plastic bottle of water and airline trouble.

Sure I have paid way too much for a bottle of the wet stuff when I thought I was dying of thirst.  I have found half empty bottles rolling under the front seat of the car.  I have seen back up hockey referees, gulping water from a bottle to “hydrate” in case he “gets the call” in the next 3 minutes.

I like the label on the Talking Rain, 25th anniversary bottle of water.  In very tiny print it reads, “as in life chill for best results“.   Made me smile when I read that.  I re-read it and tore off the label to remind myself just that. I sort of want to embroider that on a pillow.

It made perfect sense to me. 

Today, I am grateful for:

80.  clean water to drink  81.  hot water for a shower  82.  water to make my Passion ice tea 83.  water to take care of my outdoor plants 84.  water to wash my towels today 85.  water in a pool to swim in 86.  water so cold you can feel it trickle down your throat 87.  water that makes mud puddles 88.  water for a bubble bath

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