no white gloves needed

I recently read this quote and of course wrote it down and pondered it for several days.  “The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any”.  Fred Astaire

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of tramping, walking, skipping and meandering around and around the local Zoo.  It was fun and carefree and perfect weather.  We saw lots of animals and grandgirlie number one, made lots and lots of animal sounds.  She is a sweet little girl.  Happy spirit with a sweet disposition.  Her parents (thankfully, it would be so awkward if they did not), are teaching her lots and lots of good manners.  Sometimes, it is easy to forget she is not even two years old yet.  She says please and thank you.  She sort of says something that sounds like another language when you are done sneezing.  She has to tell her parents she is done with dinner and would like to get down, please.

We were not surprised when Papa (Mr. Right), gave Grandgirlie one and two, both a little baby snow leopard stuffed animal as a treat……………Sweet Zoe said thank you right away.

While thinking over this quote, I am reminded that we all were kids once.  That even grown ups with horrid manners may have grown up not seeing any.

Good Manners make our society better.  Some how easier to get along and like others.  Makes being in large groups smoother and as intimate friends a much lovelier relationship.

No, we all don’t need to go back to “White Gloves and Party Manners” class.  However, some could use a little brush up.  Maybe instead of shaking our finger at others for not having any manners, we should live our lives as good examples.

Thanks, Fred, we all need to be gently reminded that it is our responsibility as a society to be kind and civil to one another.

The test of good manners is being able to put up pleasantly with bad ones.  ~wendell willkie

Today, I am grateful for:

89.  time with grandgirlies 90.  popcorn  91.  having been taught good manners  92.  a basket of clean folded laundry  93.  friends that will meander through a Farmer’s Market with us  94.  Sun glasses with bling  95.  fresh bouquet of flowers in our home, weekly  96.  pretty thank you notes  97. monogrammed thank you notes  98. library books