Say Grace and grab some “fast food”

Just like everyone else, sometimes I would like to grab some fast food and go.  Tonight, Mr. Right will be flying in and we will be having a late supper.  I really, really would like to stop off at a chain restaurant and choose something to eat that is quick and pretty good.

To every single human on earth, MSG is poison.  Period.  Yes, it wrecks havoc with brain cells and it is some nasty, nasty stuff.  It just so happens, I get hives and swelling and itching and my tongue swells up…………you get the idea.  So eating at chain restaurants is pretty much a no go.  Period.  Then add in the vegetarian “thing” and the idea of stopping off somewhere to grab something as enticing as it may seem sometimes, is not a choice.

Enter my “fast food” option.  gardein is a frozen, meat free option, not the healthiest of choices, however, pretty darn good when you crave “fast food”.    I like several of the products and I even have a cook book that uses some of the products in the line.

Some of you may have heard of a restaurant called “Applebees”.  The commercials make it look so inviting and friendly.  Yep, once in a while I see those and think, hey, that would be so nice.    Enter  Todd.  I love him and his recipe team.  I  like to go and copycat  some restaurant recipes.  I like getting his books out of the library or going on-line.  I can alter or change-up what I need to (like tonight, instead of the chicken he talks about, I have replaced with the gardein for our salads.  His recipes are packed with flavor and some of our friends tell us “it is spot on” when it comes to copycat those restaurant meals.

Tonight, we will enjoy a late night supper.  It will be “fast food” to me.  I already have it prepared and waiting in the refrigerator.  The dressing is mixed in a jar and ready to go.  The almonds and the noodles are on the counter.  The table is set.  Our juice is made and chilling.  So tonight we will drive home, walk in, sit down, Say GRACE and will dig into our fast food, “Applebees, Oriental Chicken Salads”.

Today, I am grateful for:  99. a well running, maintained and fully insured car 100.  new windshield wipers 101.  two refrigerators 102.  the internet  103.  the ability to cook  104.  reading  105.  airplanes  106.  cell phone lot at the airport

2 thoughts on “Say Grace and grab some “fast food”

  1. Kathie

    Welcome home to your adorable Mr. Right.
    Enjoy your romantic “fast food” dinner together.
    Am I guessing by candle light?

  2. Hi Miss Kathie, yes, Mr. Right came out of the terminal holding a little Brighton gift bag. 🙂 Dinner was really, really good and my new bracelet sparkled in the candle light! 🙂 Gotta love that guy.
    Thanks for reading the blog. The salads were wonderful. We used only one amount of dressing and split between the two of us. I would say 5 stars!

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