I’m walking on sunshine………ooooh….

Here in the beautiful land of the Pacific Northwest, sometimes you have to “create” your own summer.  Today, I am wearing a yellow sweater with my boyfriend jeans and t-shirt.  No, it is not in the high 90*s.  It is chilly and cloudy and there is a bit of drizzle.  How on earth do you think everything stays so lush and green?  I honestly could do without the slugs and the mold and the mildew………….however, I have lived in the middle of Oklahoma.  I know exactly how good we have it here!

Yesterday, this is what our kitchen counter top looked like.  Today, happy Summer!  We now have a lemonade center!  So for under $8.00, a trip to the dollar store,  the grocery store and unearthed an old lemon plate I have……………..instant Lemonade inspiration!!!  a little corner of sunshine!

Get out your little sauce pan folks.  It is simple syrup time.  Walk outside and grab a sprig of rosemary, or a sprig of mint, come in and wash it and put it into a little mason jar.  Put one cup of sugar and one cup of water in the pan.  Turn on the flame.  Bring to a boil, dissolve sugar while stirring and then cool.  Pour over the sprig of rosemary.  Put the lid on and put in the refrigerator.  You are ready when you want a glass of icy cold lemonade.  Love having it ready to go to make a quick glass of goodness.

Grab your sunglasses, a glass of lemonade with lots and lots of ice, Say GRACE and enjoy that first chilly sip.  Happy Summer!

Today, I am grateful for:   107.  lemons  108.  dollar store finds  109.  new grilling magazine  110.  sugar in the raw  111.  sunshine (in moderation)  112.  flip flops  113. mixing 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 ice tea  114.  grilled corn on the cob  115.  colored straws  116.  simple syrup ready to use

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