Simple Grace

A couple of years ago now, I grew a teeny bit weary of a mother of the bride, continuing to tell us that her daughter wanted just a “simple” wedding.  Months later, around $15,000 spent, the “simple” wedding took place.  It was then that I began to dislike the word simple.

When someone asks me to do some “simple” alterations, I am cautious.  Usually, it goes like this:  they drop off said article of clothing for simple alterations or repairs.  They show me what needs to be done, “see? pretty simple”.  Fast forward 4 or 5 hours (or more),  9 swear words, glasses on and off about 14 times, pinning up hair twice, one ice coffee, a couple of phone calls to procrastinate……….done.  Somehow (?) I usually end up dropping said clothing item off.  The person says something like, “oh good, all done, see that was simple enough”.   I am very, very careful now, who and what I say yes to.  That word has soured me.

I have an acquaintance who has the word “Simplify” stenciled on her mantel.  It looks lovely.  Really, I am not being sarcastic here.  When you walk downstairs to her lower level, you can hardly move or even find an empty chair to sit on.  There are piles of stuff and baskets and more stuff and old papers and bins of yarn and old wrapping paper and mounds of Christmas decor and this and that.  I am guessing that the word painted upstairs is a goal?

Yesterday a person told me that she enjoyed reading my blog about my simple life.  Really?  Recently, a relative used the word “complicated” to describe our family.

Maybe by having all the vegetables and fruits cut up and ready to juice right before dinner makes it seem simple?  Having all the burger toppings cut and arranged on a platter to take out of the refrigerator right before dinner makes the meal look, simple?  By practicing for hours and days and months on end, those “slice it and dice it” people at the local Fairs make cutting vegetables or cleaning the floor or cleaning sneakers, well simple.  Maybe by keeping up with the laundry and ironing, I never have huge, lopsided plastic baskets, overloaded with unfinished laundry, so my laundry room is clean and tidy and looks simple?  Mr. Right makes swinging a golf club simple.  I on the other hand don’t.  My swing looks awkward, and choppy, and unbalanced and complicated.

I love the bed made and the room picked up.  Clean, neat, orderly, simple.

I love a simple bowl of popcorn.  I love a neat and orderly file cabinet drawer in alphabetical order.  Simple to find anything in a jiffy.

I love a simple clean, polished, detailed car.  Nothing out-of-place or stacked on the floor to make me sigh in exasperation.  Simple and efficient.

Simple Grace.  I like it.  I love receiving it. It’s free and always available.  You don’t even have to earn it.  It is there for the taking.  It is a gift we each receive.    I love giving it.  Kindness towards each other and offering grace to one another makes me, plain and simple happy.  Offering grace to another human when they have made a mistake or gotten themselves in a pickle.  Grace.  Nothing fancy, nothing complicated.

Today, I am grateful for:  117.  my marriage  118.  sheets dried in the sunshine  119.  my blooming Fuchsia basket  120.  letters in the mail  121.  walking barefoot  122.  music to sing along with  123.  cross stitching a gift  124.  a wire basket full of green apples  125.  a note from Mr. Right every single morning  126.  buttons  127.  my favorite pen  128.  word search puzzles

2 thoughts on “Simple Grace

  1. Jan

    “simple”… now that is a COMPLICATED concept if I ever heard one.
    For myself, I like boring. Give me a boring day, week, year, life.

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