My kid would never do that!

The nation has been brought to her knees once again by a very sad and despicable story.  You know what I am typing about; Mrs. Karen Klein.  The children who bullied her on the bus.  It moved me to tears, so much so, I wrote her a note.  Nope, I did not send money.  While a nice gesture, I am not sure how oodles of money is going to “fix” this.  Another topic for another blog.

I can say with 100% certainty, our boys would never do such a thing.  If they had at that age, both boys 30 and almost 27 years old would still be flying back to her home weekly to mow her lawn!  And yes, apologize once again.  Oh and I am quite sure both would have written several papers on “why I was mean to another human” ,  I could go on and on and on.  If you want to ask son number one and two, please do.

HOWEVER,  if there were 8 or so children involved in this disgusting and cruel behavior and there were say 38 children on the bus, what were the other 30 “good” children doing? Okay, we all now know, one was filming the entire horrid act.  That leaves us with 29 other children and one ADULT bus driver.  Why on earth, if some of us parents “have raised good, moral children” didn’t anyone step in and say something?  Why didn’t anyone have the guts and the decency to step in and say anything?  Yes, I have heard about Unions and bus drivers can’t say something to the little darlings……………fiddlesticks!  Pull the bus over, park, pocket the keys, stand up and march over and say, “NOT ON MY WATCH!  Call your parents.  They will need to come and get you before this bus moves one more inch.”    I faintly remember another woman on a bus that taught us all a lesson.

“In order for evil to flourish, all that is required is for good men to do  nothing.” Edward Burke.  Wake up my fellow Americans!  Those little punks behavior was EVIL, not to mention down right mean and nasty and hurtful and unacceptable.

It is with sadness that a girlfriend is attending a memorial service today.  My friend said, “Mrs. DeGraw, is the last of one of the most amazing people who shaped my life as a young girl….her style was firm but guided with love and respect.  I was truly blessed to know her and benefit from her love”.  Here’s a question for all of us, are we all helping and guiding the young people today?  Even if they are not our “own” children, don’t we owe it to them, to us, to society to make sure they are learning to be kind and considerate?  Don’t we all need to teach the young people in our circle that there are consequences for your actions?

Part of what I wrote to Mrs. Klein, was ” shame on the parents, shame on those children….  from this day forward may you be bathed in Grace.”

I have lifted Mrs. Klein’s name up in prayer.  She needs us all in her corner sending her oodles and oodles of good karma, positive thoughts, uplifting prayer.  I also prayed for the youth of today.  By youth, I don’t just mean 10 and 12 year olds.  I am getting a bit older, so I can say anyone under the age of say 30 needs our prayers for treating others with kindness and consideration. Yes, that means road rage included!  If they didn’t learn it from their parents or grandparents or Godparents or Uncles and Aunts, or teachers etc……… may they draw a big fat bold line and step over it.  The time has come.  We can no longer stand quietly and watch evil happen.  It is a slippery slope.  Here is another good question, where has our heart and soul gone?

My heart feels broken.  How about you?  Let the discussion and prayer begin and continue for a long, long time.  If either of our boys had grown up to become a school bus driver, I am quite certain, they would have pulled the bus over and stood up.  We raised them to be men of honor.  It does indeed take a village.  We all need to be lending a helping hand in raising humans as people of honor.

“To qualify as humans we must take part in humanitarian acts.”  ~jose silva

4 thoughts on “My kid would never do that!

  1. pattilynne50

    My heart is so saddened by this example of the evil which surrounds us in this world. My sons would never done this, either. I am certain they would have done something to try to stop the violence and to get the driver to STOP THE BUS. My youngest son, born with cerebral palsy, would have been the FIRST child to try to protect Mrs. Klein, regardless of his own safety. Praying for Mrs. Klein and praying that at least some of those children make that day a turning point and strive to become better citizens….

  2. OH , thank you so much Patti. Sometimes, I think I was way too “black and white” with our boys about right and wrong. My heart was just broken when that story was told. I just wanted to vent. Thanks for standing on my side and feeling the unjustness of this whole mess. I appreciate and value that you raised men of honor. So honored to call you friend. Thanks.

  3. pattilynne50

    I know what you mean about wondering if you were too black and white on right and wrong…but in this world where bad has become good and good has become bad, our children don’t stand a chance of becoming good citizens without someone ‘in their corner’ teaching them the truth! Pausing to think about this reminds me how grateful I am for my Mr. Right and his daily example to our sons…. 🙂

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