All kinds of Grateful

Today I am grateful for: 

129.  sushi  130.  date night with Mr. Right  131.  coffee treat, brown sugar latte with Almond milk  132.  hummingbirds at my flowers 133.  two skinny straws  134.  on-line shopping  135.  highlighted hair  136.  our Golden Retriever’s fuzzy paws  137.  fresh pineapple  (if you know me and know how many we have eaten in the last 10 months, that might be surprising)  138.  big button calculator  139.  Peru – B- Ruby colored toe nail polish  140.  cross stitching  141.  good grammar  142.  fresh ground coffee beans  143. mini sewing basket  144. stork scissors  145.  lemonade  145.  giving the dog a new toy  146.  new glasses  147.  mermaids  148.  growing herbs  149.  Mr. Right’s homemade heavenly Sunday morning Pancakes  150.  fresh 1/2 flat of strawberries in our refrigerator  151.  glow sticks waiting for 4th of July  152.  blowing bubbles outdoors  151.  wet pavement  152.  planning a birthday gift surprise  153. weekends