Quick, say Grace and grab some paper napkins!

Do you eat your corn on the cob “typewriter” fashion or round and round?  My grandfather was the only one I knew who ate round and round.  My quirk is to hold the corn with the small end in my left hand, doesn’t seem “right” the other way.   Our funny and smart daughter in law loves roasted corn.  I can say that in all honesty, every single time we have gone to a street fair, market, 4th of July fest, where ever people gather and sell food, she loves the smell and taste of roasted corn.  Sweet girl loves it and has to have it.  While our family lived in Germany/Europe, we were privileged to visit several fests, marts, street fairs and festivals.  If the American’s had anything to do with planning the fest, there was always Roasted Corn on the Cob.  There is ALWAYS a very LONG line.  In Germany and other countries, corn is something that was predominately fed to cattle.  It is not a food normally roasted to accompany your summer meal.  It is a huge treat and with butter dripping everywhere, is enjoyed with smiles and lots and lots of paper napkins.

Around these parts, currently and for a couple of months to come, corn is plentiful and just waiting to be roasted.  Everyone has a different way of roasting corn.  Some soak it first, some keep the husks on, some use foil in one way or another………..this is our version and after you take that first bite, it is “close your eyes and look heavenly and make a delicious humming noise”, grab a paper napkin ’cause you are going to embrace this food with gusto,  version!

I start by taking off all the husks.  Then I put the cleaned up corn in a plastic zip bag.  I add a glug or two of olive oil, sea salt, pepper and some chopped up cilantro.  Close the zip tight.  Here is a cooking term that most folks do not use……………………….“smoosh” around.  Next I make a quick garlic butter…in a little bowl of softened butter mince a couple of cloves of garlic, stir, done.  Set aside.  Now, turn on your grill to high and get that puppy smoking hot.  Once ready and hot, please use some tongs and put the corn on the grill and let the magic begin.  Turn every once in a while to get that brown, caramelized color and flavor all over it.  Mr. Right does this part, so I don’t really know the exact time, say 10-15 minutes.  Bring inside, and put in a pan, slather on the garlic butter and cover.  I keep it covered until I can get all the rest of the dinner on the table.

Oh and while you have the grill heated toss on some fresh pineapple.  I cut it up and sprinkle on a bit of brown sugar to soak in.  It sure helps the caramelization process on the grill.  A couple of minutes before your corn is done, put on the pineapple.  This is one treat that is pure goodness.   In the Wilson household we use cloth napkins.  Yep, 98% of the time, ironed, folded neatly or into some crazy shape cloth napkins.  The remaining 2% of the time, the food is so luscious and drippy (yes, that is a word), and you want to lick your fingers, we have to put a stack of paper napkins on the table.  This food is THAT good.     Say GRACE, grab a napkin and two of those little plastic miniature shaped ears of corn poker things and if I were you, I would go straight for the corn and take a breath and that first glorious bite of goodness.   You might want to sprinkle a little sea salt on, no matter how you enjoy it, be in the moment and thank God for this wonderful bounty of summer.Today, I am grateful for:  154.  the grill  155.  Mr. Right who likes to grill  156.  eating dinner in the gazebo  157.  paper napkins  158.  good manners 159.  after dinner great coffee 

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  1. pattilynne50

    So timely – we had corn on the cob last night and now I want it again!!! This time I’m gonna SMOOSH it around first 🙂

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