string the joy together

Yesterday, while cutting up fresh fruits & vegetables for juice and an appetizer plate, I stood there for about an hour.  I cleaned kale, I peeled ginger, I sliced and diced pineapple.  Oh the luscious, juicy, yellow pure goodness that fell open onto my cutting board.  Stunning was the perfect word.  Continuing on, I was thinking while spending all that time doing normal (for me) cooking chores.  Then my brain took over.  I felt horrid for the people in the world that would LOVE to stand for over an hour cutting, chopping, cleaning and preparing so much goodness.  They on the other hand, may not have enough rice to feed their families.  I am very grateful for having enough food.  Let me rewrite that, I am grateful for having enough.

The week got the better of me.  It had less than stellar moments and also some pretty happy splashes of light here and there.   When the difficult moments are rather HUGE they have such a punch it takes your breath away.  The little happy spots don’t get as much attention and get lost in the shuffle. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that……. However, when you live your life counting the things you are grateful for…………….it is easy to list them (no matter how small or silly), list them, list them, day after day after day………….  You just string them together big and small and then they become an enormous part of your life.  The crummy stupid parts don’t seem as large.  Your gratitude list is like the worlds largest ball of string.  It just keeps growing  and getting bigger and moving forward……… much so that you can’t stop it.  The goodness takes over.   You somehow see this gigantic pile of joy and things to be grateful for and the one or two tough moments, don’t seem nearly as hard to tackle.

Just string the joy together………………Today, I am hanging twinkle lights over my sewing machine.  I am going to have the sparkle of joy hanging over me every single time I sit down to create something. 

Today, I am grateful for: 171.  juice to start the day  172.  a sweet card given to me last night by Mr. Right  173.  twinkle lights  174.  kale chips (I will share pictures and the recipe on Tuesday)  175.  my blooming fuchsia  176.  anticipation of going to the craft store tomorrow  177.  Mighty -o- donuts tomorrow  178.  two little bunnies that visit our yard  179.  nightly walks with the dog and Mr. Right  180.  living in the Pacific Northwest  181.  big button calculator  182.  coconut creamer for my coffee  183.  my lime green fleece pullover  184. email  185.  the author Kris Carr   186.  we saved $223.30 in coupons in the month of June!  187.  taking pictures  188.  fresh veggies and fruits  189.  coffee (always seems to be on my grateful list)  190.  Mr. Right……………….

just stringing the goodness together………………

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