4th of Goodness

Today, I am grateful for:  191.  Freedom  192.  Liberty  193.  American flags flying in the front of our home  194.  lemonade  195.  hotdogs (vegetarian)  196.  grilling  197.  grilled corn on the cob  198.  potato salad 199.  Mr. Right  200.  Mr. Right’s rice krispie treats  201.  Fireworks  202.  country music  203.  photo albums  204.  the US military  205.  eating off brand new Frisbees instead of paper plates  206.  star stickers on toe nails 207.  freshly mowed grass 208. glow bracelets and necklaces ready to wear during fireworks  209.   our dog named, Sweet Liberty  210.  coffee (you knew I had to get that in there)  211.  red geraniums blooming on the deck

Happy Potato Salad day, folks!  Just telling it like it is.

ps.  you KNOW that is not our flag!  I borrowed the photograph.  If it was ours, you KNOW it would have been pressed properly.