Cleanliness is next to…

Close your eyes and imagine taking off your steel Army helmet, remove the liner and then add water.  That is where you are now shaving!  Imagine your hair so short that you don’t even buy shampoo.  Imagine if you will, you have one bar of green, intense, Irish smelling soap you use to:  wash hair, scrub body parts & clean your tootsies?  This is a bizzaro place.  No one should live in this horror movie.

Enter a girl.  A girlie girl who loves soaps and potions and lotions and glitter and puffs and loofah and bath mitts and bubbles.   Fast forward 30 years said girl and boy get them some “learnin”.  For about 6 years now, we have tried to eliminate all Sodium Laurel Sulphates and Parabens and phosphates and ugly stuff like that.  We have removed toxins and make our own laundry soap for goodness sake!  We have researched shampoos and hand soaps and lotions and yep, even resorted to making our own bubble bath potion.

Okay, Mr. Right has come a long way since his green soap days, however, he still digs his heels in when it comes to “smelling like a girl”.  If you peek into our shower, you will see a plain Jane, white, boring bar of soap with no chemicals and NOTHING special.   That bar of soap is his………..up and until Saturday.

Saturday in the park, (literally), a girlfriend and I were strolling through the Puyallup Farmer’s Market.  As it was a  bit hot for us Washington girls, we were headed to procure iced coffees.  On our way, directly in front of the Public Library we stumbled upon a booth of deliciousness! (yes, come on, that is a word).  First of all the gal who greeted us is gorgeous.  Great skin, clear eyes, beautiful hair, captivating smile and smart…………oh……… know I love a smarty pants when I meet one.  Let’s call her Renee.  Pretty much whatever she is selling I WANT.  You step closer and the aroma of her wares is intoxicating and sumptuous.  I was smelling and trying to decide which soaps I wanted to try.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  A really great, NATURAL,  you can have EVERYTHING, kind of candy store.  I bought four bars.  period.

Once home, I put the new bar of Cedar and Saffron in the shower.  The aroma took over the whole room.  The swirls of green and brown (not too girlie) were just sitting there so inviting…..later……  Mr. Right took the bait!  I heard the shower water coming through the two shower heads we happen to love.  I heard the shower curtain drawn back.  The scents of goodness started to fill the air.  I heard actual sighs of relaxation coming from the shower.  My turn.  Oh my.  Oh goodie.

The feeling of goodness envelops your entire being.  You are thrilled with yourself that you were smart enough to buy all natural handmade soaps.  Somewhere between making lather with your hands and using a puff to make more creamy dreamy lather and covering your entire body in goodness you remember it is just a shower.  No wait a minute, a shower can be quick, short and can include a crazy chemical filled green Irish bar of soap OR it can be an indulgence of pure luxury.  Most certainly the smooth, silky, natural scented lather is a treat for both the Mr. & Mrs.

Thank you Renee for pure luxury in the shape of a rectangle.  Pure delight.

Please stop by and see her at the market or visit her on-line.   I wish for you the luxury and indulgence in the form of her creations.  Your Mr. Right will be soapy clean and  will be smelling sooooooo good.  Her booth should have a sign that reads, “making husbands happy all over the land!”  You will be so happy that you take my advice on this.   I have a feeling she is one good egg, too.

Today I am grateful for:  212.  homemade heavenly soap  213.  iced salted caramel latte  214.  fans  215.  bbq prawns  216.  an open-minded Mr. Right  217.  mod podge  218.  walks in the park  219.  farmer’s markets  220.  hats  221.  my dyson vacuum  222.  two shower heads in one shower stall  223.  smelling the aroma of fresh soapy cedar on Mr. Right  224.  finding Renee, the fabuloso soap lady  225.  little new potatoes on the grill  226.  flags flying over our deck for a birthday party  227.  two little grandgirlies

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  1. pattilynne50

    Thank you for so graciously sharing your new find!!! I’m sold and will look for Renee next week. 🙂

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