go fly a kite

We jumped in the car, grabbed the dog and her travel bag of supplies and headed out for a mini vacation.  The beach was calling our names.  Turns out, it was just what we needed.  The cool ocean breezes, the gray sky, the calm and the quiet, time to walk and walk and walk and hold hands.

Sometimes, when Mr. Right has married young couples or when just meeting them to get the process in motion, they ask him how long he has been married.  What’s the secret?  Oh we have lots of little secrets!  Holding hands and walking on the beach is certainly listed in the top 20 secrets.

When leaving the beach we spotted this couple.  They must have been in their late seventies.  She with her peddle pusher white summer pants and purse on her shoulder.  He with black socks and sandals……………………both smiling.  He had a brand new kite.  A very expensive kite.  Bright yellow, bi plane with a long tail, and black wheels, not much string had been let out.  The man was happy and was a bit nervous to begin with.  Both the husband and wife looked super pleased and happy and were 100% focused on the kite.  They were in the moment.  She was encouraging him, he was concentrating. 

Okay, there is lesson number 397 on a happy marriage.  Go fly a kite together!

Today, I am grateful for: 228.  road trips  229.  the beach  230.  Mr. Right and his map and his green highlighter  231.  great coffee 232.  quilting  233.  blooming pansies  234.  a dog that likes to travel  234.  new sweatshirt  235.  new earrings  236.  walking on the beach  237.  holding hands with Mr. Right  238.  the sea air  239.  walking barefoot on the sand and in the tide pools 240.  saucy sunglasses with gem stones on the side

3 thoughts on “go fly a kite

  1. pattilynne50

    Definitely a Top 20 secret!!! Favorite memories with my Mr. Right involve holding hands and walking, talking, walking, walking…just being alone together 🙂

  2. Hi there friend, we need to start compliling a list of all the wonderful “secrets” that work on keeping a marriage fresh and together……………we could co-write a book!!!!!!!! Thanks for checking in and reading. I have been a bit lax lately on posting. I forgot how much sweet comments like yours keep me going back. Thanks for the boost! D

    1. Hello…I forget to check the box for email notification on replies so I just came across your reply to my comment……..I agree! I’m going to start a list of all the little (great big) things that make married life wonderful. I’ll let you know when I have some to share 🙂

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