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Son number two turns 27 tomorrow.  It has been several years now (sad face) that he moved away to attend college.  This year Mr. Right and I decided that the “boys” were old enough to take possession of their own treasures.  So baby books, baby calendars, report cards, art work, toys, Letterman jackets, school annuals, sports cards, first shoes, impressions made of plaster of paris (why I saved these in my cedar chest I have NO idea) for dental retainers, little mittens, first blankets, children’s books, metal cars, …………you get the idea.  All of their things are going to live with them now.

One word:  Lego’s.   Yes, we should have bought stock in the Lego company about thirty years ago.  We have Rubbermaid tubs and boxes full of legos.  We have a box full of directions on how to make this car or that spaceship.  The only even Steven way of dividing these up between two grown boys is that Mr. Right is putting all of the cars, trucks, airplanes, spaceships, pizzerias and more together.  Yep,  putting them all together taking pictures then sharing said pictures with two different grown ups to decided who is who’s. Then we will give/ship them to each person when completed. 

These are all new to me.  You see, between homeschooling, having a “chef’s helper” daily, board games and no television, when Mr. Right came home and we had dinner, he would take over and play legos and cars and do stamp collecting and look at coins.  I would take a break.  Do something fun like dishes or really fun like do some craft or go have my hair done, alone.  Mom’s around the world will understand what I am saying.  I love my boys.  I love toys and legos and educational stuff.  I just needed  craved girl time and girl things and pretty fabric anything but legos!  Good Golly, even our sweet dog Quincy was a boy!  So it is kind of fun to see all the different parts and pieces and things you can build.

Once everything was brought out, the project is taking on a life and timeline of its own.  I think it is going to be a couple of months before this is done.

You know how some parents find bad report cards, girlie magazines, matches or (gasp) drugs  in amongst their children’s things?  Well, our boys used their brains and figured out that I would never go through the card board pieces, directions, papers on how to put together legos.   So yesterday, when the  “Heart and Soul” piano sheet music fell out and some other pieces……………..20 years later, I found the missing sheet music.   The “I can’t practice that, I can’t find the music” ruse is UP!  The gig is UP!  I am no longer being duped!   Gee, now whose fault is it that we don’t have two concert pianists and instead  we have a business man and a graphic artist ??   When was the last time a business or a graphic design company had a concert where their parents could go and enjoy their talents?  UH?  I ask you?

Today:  I am grateful for:  251.  grown boys who turned out great despite not being concert pianists  252.  lego memories of free time for mom  253.  Coconut milk yogurt  254.  salted caramel latte  255.  cheerful birthday cards to mail  256.  money left over in the electricity envelope  257.  health food stores  258.  uplifting music  259.  espresso beans  260.  sweet girl dog

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