Say Grace, grab a napkin…it’s Tomato Tuesday in blog land!

Today I’m joining bloggers around the country for Tomato Tuesday. I am sharing a favorite recipe that uses tomatoes (of course), and I am also sharing how you can join in the campaign to raise awareness regarding the injustices in the U.S. tomato fields.  I learned so much today from another blogger at  You will fall in love with her and her spirit.  I will add the information at the end of my blog post today. 

Some might call my recipe Zucchini Boats………..don’t care for the name.  I called them Bruschetta Stuffed Zucchini.  They are sumptuous and packed with flavor, easy and by golly we are having them again tonight.  I made ours vegan (by using Daiya cheese) however, real mozzarella would be ideal.

Okay, pick up a couple little zucchini’s at your local farmers market or head to your back yard.  Choose two or three good ones.  Pick a few cherry tomatoes and a hand full of fresh basil while you are out there.  Wash and slice the zucchini in half the long way.  Pre-heat your oven for 350* scoop out those seeds and then use a pastry brush to brush them all over with some garlic oil.  Just crush up two or three cloves of garlic in some olive oil add some S & P and let set.  Use that for pure flavor.   Then chop up a couple of tomatoes or slice up some little grape tomatoes you have from your garden.  Toss in a bowl with some salt (use the good stuff, please) and pepper and a hand full of bread crumbs.  Slide that dish into the 350* oven for 30 minutes.  When it comes out all golden brown, tuck all in and around some mozzarella cheese (again, vegan cheese works very well in this recipe), sprinkle in some fresh chopped Basil.  When you are ready for dinner, put it under the broiler (or put on the top rack of your BBQ) for a few moments to melt the cheese so it is all ooey and gooey.  Take out of the oven and top with the remaining chopped fresh basil, you might need another dash of S & P and a drizzle of that garlic oil you made earlier.  Each person gets one on their plate and the aroma ………oh the aroma of eating fresh zucchini and somehow the magic of including a delightful flavor surprise of freshly baked little slices of bruschetta  is heaven, pure heaven!  SAY GRACE and oh for the love of a fresh tomato, dig in.

My mouth is sort of watering just thinking about dinner tonight.  I am guessing these puppies will make you the family star!  Hey, think about sharing a recipe with a friend today.  Makes you feel great to share and feels special to receive one.  Our tongues are probably still purple from the wonderful Marion Berry Cobbler we devoured for dessert on Sunday night.  A friend shared the recipe and boy were we glad that she did!  When we were counting our blessings, she made our list!

Here’s the story on Tomato Tuesday……..thanks for reading and learning with me!

The Problem Slavery is not just happening overseas. Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Douglas Molloy once called Florida’s tomato fields “ground zero” for modern-day slavery in the United States. In the past 15 years, over 1,000 people have been freed from slavery in U.S. tomato fields.

The Solution Recipe for Change–a campaign led by International Justice Mission in partnership with the Fair Food Standards Council and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers–is targeting three major supermarket chains this summer (Ahold, Publix and Kroger’s), and asking its CEOs to support the Fair Food Program. Corporations that join agree to pay a small price increase for fairly harvested tomatoes (1.5 cents more per pound), and promise to shift purchases to the Florida tomato growers who abide by these higher standards–and away from those who won’t.

Major fast food companies, like McDonalds and Subway, have already endorsed the Fair Food Program, but the largest U.S. supermarket chains have yet to support this collaborative effort to eradicate modern-day slavery.

Call to Action Supermarkets can help eliminate slavery and other serious abuses from the tomato supply chain when they join the Fair Food Program. But in order to change its policies, CEOs need pressure from consumers.

Take 30 seconds, raise your voice.  Go HERE to sign your name to help ensure that supermarket tomatoes are slave-free!

Today, I am grateful for:  261.  home grown herbs  262.  my tomato plant  263.  reading & learning  264.  iced coffee  265.  seamstresses 266.  70* weather  267.  my thimble  268.  a sense of humor  269.  loving to cook and bake  270.  outdoor table and chairs  271.  farmers  272.  farm workers  273.  Farmer Markets

4 thoughts on “Say Grace, grab a napkin…it’s Tomato Tuesday in blog land!

  1. pattilynne50

    Omigosh this recipe sounds delicious! Another “gonna try and gonna love it” recipe from you!!! Thanks for so generously sharing… 🙂 Also going to check out the slave-free tomato issue….

  2. Lori Bisping

    Ok, so only get one on my plate. Pretty sure they look too good to be limited to one…or maybe I am just a bit piggy. I will take mine with an iced coffee please…and the conversation of my good friends : )

    1. Hey there Miss Lori, I will bake and put 20 of ’em on your plate if it means we get to figure out a day and time to meet for coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum-Oh, zucchini and coffee and a girlfriend…well maybe the girlfriend and coffee part? Miss you and thanks for following my blog. It means a great deal to me. 🙂

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