It’s Tuesday, grab a recipe card (tricked you, as you thought I was going to say napkin)

About a week ago, my niece who lives on the other side of the country sent me an idea, I pondered it, showered with it, rolled it around in my head and tweaked it and decided I loved it.

Here is what she had to say:  I’ve been keeping busy with a project. I grabbed the idea off of a website. You keep a stack of 365 index cards, one for each day of the year. Then you write down one thing that happened that day that made the day interesting. You have a line on the card for each year, so as time goes on, you can look back and see what you did on that date for years. I thought it was a cute little idea. I started keeping track in April of this year and it’s amazing to look back already and see what I’ve done and where I was.

I have been keeping my grateful list here on my blog for the summer.  September 1 will be the beginning to Autumn to me…I have a cute basket the perfect size for recipe cards, that would sit nicely on my desk.  Easy to keep up with, small, quick…..and the perfect way to keep track of more things I am GRATEFUL for.  I am thinking, cute colorful cards, uplifting, sweet basket for storage.

To store my recipe cards, I am choosing a basket from Putney, Vermont.  The store called Basketville is a wonderful place.     It reminds you of what American workmanship was and is.  I value the baskets I have purchased there.  It is always on a trip to see Mr. Right’s family.  I can almost always find something special.  I have one glorious basket in my sewing room and it brings up really great memories.  When you take a moment to look at the basket you are treated to pure old-fashioned craftsmanship.  You know you are holding something that someone made with their hands.  Yes, I have spent many hours weaving baskets.  I have given some as gifts.  Actually, some people have passed those on to Goodwill, not knowing they were hand-made.  Or maybe they don’t value hand-made things like I do.    I remember the day that I made my first potato basket.  It was the first day that Mr. Right was off to spend 10 months in Germany.  I spent the day working and creating rather than sobbing.   I wove my heart and soul and a few tears into that basket.

I just finished cross stitching a friend’s 50th Birthday gift.  The entire time I worked on it (about 16 hours), I thought of her.  I prayed for her.  I enjoyed past memories we have shared together.  I thought about and prayed for her husband and her kids.  Again, with her in mind, I looked for and found the perfect frame.  I want her to feel the love and grace that I stitched into that linen.  I want her to know how much she is of value.

I “heart” the idea of keeping track of things I am grateful for.  I am looking forward to using the recipe cards this fall.   “We are what we repeatedly do.” ~ Aristotle

I choose to be grateful every single day.  Say Grace, and for the love of a hand-made basket, let’s all start keep track of things to be grateful for. 

Today, I am grateful for:  274.  nieces and nephews  275.  our juicer  276.  great coffee beans  277.  Sweet Liberty  278.  creativity  279.  baskets  280.  weaving  281.  hand-made gifts to give  282.  books  283.  the phone  284.  daily audio lectures  285.  slightly green bananas to eat  286.  my exercise bike  287.  fresh, outdoor dried sheets  288.  pets  289.  great memories  290.  Mr. Right (even though he snores a bit too much sometimes)  291.  great shoes  292.  recipes  293.  lemons  294.  table top fans  295.  iced lattes on a summer day  296.  Almond butter  297.  flip-flops  298.  purple pansies  299.  color sharpies  300. our garbage man who is not on strike

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  1. pattilynne50

    Thanks for sharing this great idea!
    I LOVE baskets…checked out Basketville’s web site and think I need to do a little shopping 🙂

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