One year celebration! One huge Thank You celebration!

Today, I will be lunching with Mr. Right.   A fancy schmancy meal to CELEBRATE!  One year ago, I was in the operating room and he was alone in the waiting room.  It was a very long day and I have a brand new knee to make that claim.   No food was consumed to speak of that day, today, we will eat like kings!  We will have a splash of soup to start, drink sparkling Pellegrino, indulge in a light lunch that the chef decides upon and yes dear friends, today we will savor every single bit of dessert.

To celebrate the pure goodness of the day, I have chosen to walk around Green Lake in Seattle, Washington.  It is a 3.2 mile walk.  I am going to be wearing cute salmon colored Capri jeans, and the perfect sneakers to walk in.  I am going to breathe in the air, all the fresh air my lungs can hold.  I will be the one walking with excellent posture and sassy sunglasses. I will hold the moment in my heart.

Speaking of holding, I am going to hold Mr. Right’s hand.  Not hold his hand because I need help, hold his hand because I want to.  I want him to know I appreciate and value his strength over the entire year.  Like sleeping in my hospital room (in a chair) every single day I was there.  He brought me food so I could eat and heal.  He pushed me in a wheel chair around the pond to get some Vitamin D and fresh air before my blood transfusion.  He helped me pretty much untangle my hair.  He made a chart and stuck to it and gave me all the medicine and shots I required after the surgery.   He wrapped my leg in plastic to shower.    All the bouquets of flowers, all the cards, all the meals he prepared and juice he made and every single pineapple he bought to juice and eat and grill to help me heal.  He remembered every single appointment and went to every single one.    Every word search, quilting and gossip magazine he bought me was appreciated.  I was thankful for very single bowl of Miso soup he served me.  I want him to know that I value his loyalty and friendship.  Through thick and thin, in sickness and in health……….he took on the challenge and surpassed anything I could have ever dreamed of.  Let me put it into words that every single girl on earth would understand……………….My retired US Army, tough guy, hockey loving, right winged, crystal clear right from wrong, men don’t have facials, husband…… PAINTED my toe nails raspberry pink while I was still confined to the hospital bed the next day!  He knew exactly what would make me happy and get me moving again.   I hope every girl out there has a man who takes care of her as well as I am taken care of.  (side note, I do know of one sweet sister-in-law, who is taken care of just the same as me, we are lucky & grateful girls.)

Before I stepped one foot out of bed this morning, I prayed a prayer of Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful, appreciative and grateful for all that I have.   For one entire year, I have bathed in the Grace of kindness of my friends, family and Mr. Right.  Thank you to all of you who have helped me.   Thank you Kathie for the sweet and thoughtful anniversary card.  You are so kind to remember today.  I appreciate all that you did and do for me.  Thank you Jan, for the flower covered card you sent to celebrate today.  I appreciate all the cards and kind words you wrote. Thank you for remembering and making me feel special.

I will think of those who prayed for me and sent me flowers.  I will think of those who brought me lunch and drove me to physical therapy appointments.  I will think of the sweet girl who took care of our dog while I was in the hospital.  I will think of you who brought me colored markers to find my way back to being creative.   I promise to list you by name as I walk my 3.2 miles of PURE CELEBRATION!!

Today, I am grateful for:   301.  one year celebration  302.  new knee  303.  two surgeons  304.  four great nurses  305.  physical therapy  306.  coconut oil applied daily  307.  cute shoes  308.  biking  309.  walking  310.  no medicine today  311.  sleeping through the night  312.  riding in a car  313.  NO cane!  314.  celebration cards received   315.  friends that supported me for 365 days  316.  donating my walker  317.  ice blanket  318.  no swelling  319.  once in a while wearing high heels  320.  walking up stairs  321.  swimming using both legs  322.  pineapple  323.  juicing  324.  vacuuming   325.  Mr. Right who walked the road with me, every single appointment, every single day, he even worked out while I did my exercises!

Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives and remembering what one receives.  ~a. dumas

8 thoughts on “One year celebration! One huge Thank You celebration!

  1. what an absolutely wonderful thank you letter. Makes my heart soar to see how you have healed and are doing so well today. Thanking our husbands is something we women forget, I don’t but it is a necessary thing to do to show appreciation. I have been having eye problems and my Mr. Right has been with me every appointment and holds my hand after I get my shot for well over a year. So I know what you mean. He won’t ever miss the appointment and has even said it is his place to be with me. So I will take your advice and thank him for being with me over the past year too with my eye problem. Give Bruce a big hug from me.

  2. pattilynne50

    I can’t believe it has already been one year!
    Here’s to an absolutely fabulous celebration with Mr. Right today…you are both so blessed to have each other. You make my heart happy! 🙂

    1. Thank you, thank you blog land for bringing sweet souls from across the country into my life. I wish you my new friend Joanne all the grace and goodness you can juggle! My world is bigger and more full of spirit because of you. Thank you for joining me, you are welcome here any old day. I am lucky to have found you.

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