enveloped in Grace & Goodness

One year to the date, we celebrated.  We celebrated in style.    Secretly, prior to picking up Mr. Right for our lunch date, I made a quick stop at Cedarbrook Lodge.  I dropped the surprise to be delivered with our lunch dessert.  Yes, they were more than happy to “be in on the secret”.  That’s right kids, the quilt in all her glory was wrapped and bedecked with ribbons and feathers.  The card was signed and ready……off to get our celebration started.

In so much as, a breathtaking & magnificent stained glass piece of art can be called a window, so too, can the succulent and elevated meal we dined upon at the Copperleaf Restaurant located in http://www.cedarbrooklodge.com/  be called, “lunch”.   The  compressed melons, danced across the white plate with colors that spoke of flavor and character.  Braised rhubarb nestled next to verdant green herbs as pieces of peppercorns dotted the next plate.  The Dungeness crab cake had a golden come hither look.  We were more than rewarded for taking that sumptuous and elegant first nibble.   To describe the figs on my dessert plate will be less, much less than actually seeing with your own eyes and tasting the bronze, gold, deepest of purples nectar melt on your tongue.  The divine carrot puree that encircled the perfect round carrot cake was only surpassed by the marshmallow goodness that was hidden between the layers.   The service was five stars.  period.  The people who cared for us were kind and considerate.  They somehow made us feel like we were their favorite customers and their only mission for that particular Thursday was to grace us with the feeling of value.  The food that was presented to us was thoughtful and created with intention.  Somehow in your heart and soul you knew the chef is living his passion.

Our dessert was presented  & so too was “the” quilt.  Mr. Right read the card and unwrapped the surprise.  It was all that I wanted it to be and then some.  He was happy and when I saw his eyes, I knew I had made the right choice in making something handmade.    It was sort of hard to keep my feet still.  You know that feeling when you have enjoyed a thoughtfully prepared meal and the table is in just the right spot outdoors and the energy is over the top positive?  For a brief moment in time, you want to be a four-year old girl, with your feet swinging happily beneath the table, as you smile and twirl your hair with your finger.  It is that good of a moment.

I ask you, when was the last time you had such a fine dining experience that you went home and wrote a thank you note?  Yes, Virginia, it was that kind of good.

Eventually, our two and a half hour lunch had to end.  The pure goodness will stay with me for a long, long time.  As we walked toward our car, we meandered on the lodge grounds.  We caught a glimpse of the chef’s raised herb gardens.  Yes, we were celebrating.  However, even if we had not had a reason to celebrate, the pleasure of dining at the CopperLeaf Restaurant was reason enough, more than enough to celebrate.

As we headed through the Seattle traffic we couldn’t imagine the next part of our day being better than the lunch we had just finished.  Yet, somehow, the 3.2 mile walk was a force to be reckoned with.  It was lively and fresh.  The temperature was ideal for a walk.  The sunshine and shade were the perfect combination.  It was more, much more than a walk.  Each step was like turning the pages of the last year.  We brought up all the people who had been on the journey with us.  We even paused at the half way point to sit and rest for a bit and take it all in.  I would have never dreamed in a million years that one silly walk would end up meaning so much.  I was overwhelmed with gratefulness towards the man who walked every step with me.  The circle had a beginning for sure, however, somehow the finish line ended up helping me feel stronger than I ever thought possible.  Who would have thought a 3.2 mile walk would help me stand a bit taller and breathe a little deeper?  Who knew I would feel so strong and so grateful all at once?

Today, I am grateful for: 326.  sneakers  327.  sense of smell, taste and sight  328.  two working knees  329.  planning ahead  330.  chefs with passion  331.  European sized silverware  332.  sparkling water  333.  surprises  334.  French straw hat with a wide black ribbon  335.  kindness  336.  cool lake breeze  338.  feathers & ribbons on packages 339. completion 340.  ice cold water from the cooler

“Let the nations be glad and sing for joy”  ps 67:4

8 thoughts on “enveloped in Grace & Goodness

  1. Kathie says: Thank you for sharing the romantic steps that you and Bruce shared on the anniversary of your new beginning.

    Your description of each tantalizing bite makes me want to jump in the car, wet hair and all, and have a piece of that heavenly carrot cake to start my day.

    The imprint that the two of you have made on the hearts of those that call you their friends will last for an eternity.

    I am over the moon honored and humbled to be your friend.

  2. pattilynne50

    Pure goodness, indeed!
    My feet were practically swinging happily as I read of your lovely day…I am blessed to call you my friend and am so happy you and your wonderful Mr. Right had such a marvelous celebration!!!

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