Say Grace, grab several napkins and a BLAT

While living in Lawton, Oklahoma, I would read and try not to monkey with the setting on our air conditioner about 50 times a day.  It was hot then and I pray for the people and friends there today.  It is well into the 100’s every single day lately.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, most homes are all built without air conditioning.  We just don’t reach high enough temperatures for long periods of time to warrant it.

This past weekend that changed.  We were in the 90’s, yikes.  That is a big YIKES for these parts.  Mr. Right, the dog and I all headed to American Lake to cool or tootsies.  For some reason our home doesn’t want to cool off easily, so it takes the work of many fans and a little patience on our part.  Once all the outdoor plants and dog were watered and refreshed it was time for the people to eat and drink something that tasted like summer.  Easy, quick, won’t heat up the house and mouth-watering good.   What to make?  What to eat on a very hot summer’s night?

BLAT, I will say it again BLAT because we are making two.  One for each of us.  Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato Toasted Sandwiches.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!

First toss a couple of glasses in the freezer so when dinner is ready, your lemonade will get goose bumps when you splash it, some ice cubes and slices of lemons in.

Get out the toaster folks, we are going to make some magic here. 

You need a juicy, fat, plump, gorgeous deep red, beef steak tomato.  Next line up some crisp, green, just washed Romain lettuce leaves.  Into that black iron skillet you will need to get some Bacon (or “fakon”) cooking.  Ah, next comes the buttery, glorious Avocado.  Pure creamy, silky feel of pure goodness.   Build it on a couple of slices of home-made bread (Or Dave’s Killer Bread is a great choice).  You might want to add a touch of quality mayonnaise,  yes please to homemade if you have it.

Grab plenty of napkins, pour your Lemonade, take your plate out to the gazebo, and for the love of a late night summer dinner, SAY GRACE and dig in!  (Grab another napkin, these babies are drippy, crunchy and jam-packed with messy goodness.)

Today, I am grateful for: 341.  homemade granola  342. fans  343.  sandals that go in the water  344.  a toaster  345.  playing with the hose water outside  346.  the library  347.  morning coffee to get me going  348.  biking four miles  349.  three-ring binders  350.  spray sizing for ironing  351.  notes from Mr. Right  352.  embroidery thread colors  353.  wide-eyed needles  354.  the perfect card to give  355.  the honor to pray for friends little girl

ps. 355 things to be grateful for since June 1st!  How is your list coming along?  Amazing how all these wonderful things add up. Life is good.